Transfers the only option right now

As a parent of three children living in the district, one of mine had to go to a different district just to graduate! The system that forces all kids into the district's box of educational offerings, doesn't fit a lot of kids - whether it be special needs, college prep or just preparing them for the real world.

The school is in a transition period - great! But how long will it take? How many kids will be lost to transfers - or worse, get frustrated and just quit? We are losing a generation of kids because the schools aren't keeping up with their needs.

So please, school board, stop allowing the needs of the kids to be slowed by the inability of some people to manage it properly.



Hold telecoms accountable

While there seems to be a lot of discussion about the nature of the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) law, it is really a very simple answer when choosing whether or not to grant retroactive immunity.

What we were told as citizens was, 'If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.' OK, I'll accept that, and I think that the same should be true for the telecom industry. I say, 'If they've done nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about.' Do not forget that these giant telecom corporations have herds of attorneys on their staffs. They know what is legal and what is illegal. They chose to break the law.

I encourage you to contact U.S. Rep. Blumenauer and Sens. Wyden and Smith to ask them to hold the telecoms accountable for their illegal activities.



Frank Marcy story hit the mark

Frank Marcy will be missed by all that knew him, but I think the people who will miss him the most are those who never had the privilege to shake his hand and see the kindness on his face. Thank you for the article on one of the finest men to walk the earth. Mr. Hathcock's description of Frank Marcy's life, work and legacy hit the mark. If you never had the privilege to meet Frank, it was truly your loss.

This was a great job of reporting; keep looking for the members of our community who give so much to the schools, churches, community clubs and all the other groups - there are many. My only regret is that Frank wasn't here to see and hear how we felt about how his life blessed all he met.



Sandy Style is unnecessary

The recent adoption of Cascadian-style architecture for commercial construction and remodeling in Sandy is unnecessary to have a good-looking commercial district.

Many years ago the adopted style in Sandy was a western theme; what happened to that? And, what happens to those who built to the then-adopted style? Is the city going to pay the additional cost or exempt them from this new requirement when they remodel? I think not.

Look around town: Sandy Lumber, the Tollgate Inn and the Frontier Building, plus many more, were remodeled or built to meet that western style. As city managers and planners came and left, this western style was quietly dropped. Each had his own vision how Sandy should look.

In late 1993, the current city manager (Scott Lazenby) was touting the Cascadian style at meetings I attended regarding commercial development in Sandy. His presentation included residential structures reflecting this style. Will this be the next step in the vision on how Sandy should look? And, how much will that cost residential property owners should it happen in the future?

When a new city manager or planner takes over, will they have their own ideas on how our city should look in the future - one that is different from the currently adopted style of the city?

Another thing: Will the new public works and transit buildings be Cascadian? If so, how much extra will those cost the taxpayers of Sandy?

There has been a design review board in the city of Sandy for years. They have done a good job of assuring that commercial structures are appealing from the exterior. That is all that's needed, not a requirement on a certain style of architecture in order to build or remodel. At a time when there are many vacant storefronts in town, do we really need to put a bigger burden on the business community?



Regarding recent coach departures

High school sports is like the pros to most student athletes. This may be the only time their athletic abilities will shine. They deserve the best we can give them and this community needs to support them and the administration. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes that can't be shared with the general public.

The new administration is doing what is best for the kids! I applaud them.



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