Cawein Gallery features the mechanical installations of Patrick Kam
by: Chase Allgood, Artist Patrick Kam helps his mother Fran Kam ring the bell that activates his piece “Dragon Irons” during his artist reception on Friday, March 21.

In his homestate of Hawaii, Patrick Kam received mixed messages about race and human behavior. In the midst of Hawaii's pluralistic, highly stratified family structure, Kam was raised by a Chinese father and a Caucasian mother - a family where the lines were defined by the fraternal order. Kam has sought to express that contradiction through his sculptures.

'These divergent principles are visually fused together in my artwork with the use of domestic objects, implied nature, Eastern symbolism, and simple, repetitious movements that are suggestive of servitude,' he said.

Kam, who now lives in Washington, has two mechanical pieces on display at Pacific's Cawein Gallery in Forest Grove through April 15. The gallery is closed for Spring Break and will reopen on Saturday, March 29.

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