Sandy High to hire athletic director

Courtney Murphy will take over as activities director

The Oregon Trail School District will restructure the administration of Sandy High School for the 2008-09 school year by adding a full-time athletic director and shifting current athletic director Courtney Murphy to activities director. Murphy will also retain her administrative role as a vice principal.

District officials view the restructuring as a way to provide more administrative hours at the school and give the athletic program a dedicated position.

'I think it's going to be advantageous for us administratively,' said Brian Heinze, Sandy High School principal. 'The athletic program demands so much time that it's hard to allocate the administrative time the way we see it.'

'I see it as a real good move,' district Superintendent Shelley Redinger said. 'It'll be a chance for someone to come in and focus on athletics. It's a real time-intensive position.'

The athletic director position will be classified as a Teacher On Special Assignment, which is paid at the same level as a teacher, but includes a stipend in consideration for extra time necessary to do the job. The new director will oversee all aspects of the athletic program, including maintaining the master schedule of athletic events, attending and supervising events, assisting in the interviewing of new coaches and maintaining the athletic equipment inventory.

Jana Mitchell is currently in her fourth year as the activities director, and Julia Monteith, district spokeswoman, said that Mitchell will return to the math department as a teacher.

Mitchell's position as the activities director was classified as a special assignment.

The district has not finalized Murphy's responsibilities as the activities director, but Heinze said that they will likely include clubs that are not sponsored by the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) or the district.

Murphy, who is in her second year at the high school, said that within the new administrative structure she could provide support for the new athletic director, and that serving as both a vice principal and the athletic director was a time-consuming endeavor.

'I've done the very best I can, and I find that it's difficult to be at two places at once,' said Murphy, who is in her second year at the high school.

'I know that there's no one who could have tried harder to do both.'This community means a lot to me, these kids mean a lot to me, a title doesn't mean a lot to me,' she said.'I'm very proud of our district and we're moving in a very positive direction. Whatever I can do to support that, I'll do.'