Hillary may be last chance for awhile

The reason Hillary Clinton has such negative image problems is that when she was the first lady in Little Rock she helped pass legislation to improve the ailing state school system and extend education for 4-year-olds. This hit the big boys in Arkansas right where it hurt them most, in their pocket books. Their hatred of her became vitriolic. They formed a Republican committee to taint and discredit her image.

While our homeless veterans and mentally ill are eating out of garbage cans to survive, right-wing Christian radio has spent millions of dollars duping hard working Americans to vote time and again with the wealthy who are laughing all the way to their banks.

Two hundred years ago it was a rarity for a woman to be able read and write. One hundred and eight years ago a woman could not own her own home. Eighty-eight years ago a woman could not vote. This was my grandmothers' generation - one was half Native American Sioux and the other an Irish immigrant. They could only dream of having this opportunity to vote for the first woman president. I have a 4-month-old granddaughter and can only imagine what it would mean for her to grow up watching a compassionate woman leading this country.

Half the people on earth are women - we have been the largest minority in history. Let us show the mothers of the world that we care enough about their children to elect this expert on health care, education and women and children's law who has already visited many of these nations.

What woman is behind Hillary who has her strength and fortitude to run for president? Condoleezza Rice and Nancy Pelosi say they're not interested. There is a very good possibility that we won't have a woman president in my lifetime if she can't do this.

Won't that make those big boys proud as punch. They will continue spewing hatred and negativity into your minds. Is it any wonder that depression is an epidemic in this country?

Won't Barack Obama still be a young man in eight years after he gets more much needed experience?



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