Another rumor surrounding the West Linn Chamber of Commerce that deserves acknowledgement is that the city was in some way involved.

Kudos go out to City Manager Chris Jordan and the city of West Linn for doing the right thing and immediately disclosing their financial involvement regarding grants to the chamber. Having been through this type of firestorm before, the city knows how to answer its critics, and full disclosure is the best way to leave no doubt in the minds of the community.

The offer for anyone concerned to visit with the city's finance department and go over the books is a great example of how far our city has come in its efforts to build credibility. The bigger question is whether anyone will take the time really to do this. In the past no one did. Will this time be different?

We doubt it. It is far too easy to cast dispersions on people without knowing all the details. And that's a problem in this city not likely to go away anytime soon.

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