A green technology company that has an interest in the vacant Merix Corp. building in Wood Village would be an excellent fit for this area's future economy.

As reported in today's Outlook, XsunX Corp. is looking at the building formerly occupied by Merix, where 180 jobs were phased out earlier this year. XsunX eventually could replace as many as 160 of those jobs if it chooses to establish its first solar component manufacturing facility is this area. The company may ask the state of Oregon for energy tax credits, and it also has inquired about the possibility of tax breaks being offered through a state-sanctioned enterprise zone in Wood Village.

Considering that sustainable industries are a big part of East County's economic strategy, local and state officials ought to do what they can to put together an incentive package for XsunX. An enterprise zone already exists in Troutdale and Fairview, and its benefits could be extended to Wood Village with a boundary change.

All three cities should see the advantage of attracting industries of the future to East County, and they should be eager to enlarge the enterprise zone if necessary.

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