The American Red Cross-Oregon Trail Chapter and Ride Connection are expanding the Washington County volunteer transportation program in Beaverton.

The expanded service offers older adults and people with disabilities living in Beaverton a greater opportunity to maintain their independence by utilizing this convenient and free local transportation service for their shopping, medical, nutritional and personal trip service.

'The new funding will allow us to open a base in Beaverton, add two new accessible vehicles to our fleet and pay for a volunteer coordinator. Now our priority is recruiting a group of volunteer drivers to provide the service for their Beaverton neighbors,' says Debbie Waalkes, transportation manager for the American Red Cross-Oregon Trail Chapter.

'This expansion will be a big help in addressing the growing demand for service by our customers in Beaverton,' she added.

The volunteer transportation program's expansion will provide a mobility solution for individuals living in Beaverton, where demand for special-needs transportation is growing fast. In the past, the program has successfully helped individuals maintain life-sustaining medical appointments, access to public transit points, employment and education.

Ride Connection, a non-profit organization and the state's largest provider of special-needs transportation, supports mobility programs and services in urban, rural and suburban areas.

Call the Ride Connection Service Center at 503-226-0700 for more information about the Beaverton expansion.

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