Yoga instructor to teach class with life lessons

Based on the law of attraction, Earth School 101 is similar to the best selling book 'The Secret,' 'only better' according to Julie Reyes.

''The Secret' gives a glimpse into the law of attraction, but no tools to work with,' said Reyes.

Reyes, who teaches yoga and pilates at her dance studio in Estacada called Synergy on Broadway, said that Earth School offers 'creative games that teach us how to live the life of our dreams.'

Earth School 101 instructor Cindy Yonck shares stories that are often hilarious and always profound, according to Reyes.

'Cindy gives us tools,' Reyes said. 'She teaches us to experience joy and fun. This is how she lives her life. Her class is enlightening, inspiring and uplifting.'

Earth School 101 developed after taking on a synergistic life of its own when Reyes was considering offering healthy living workshops in her yoga studio. Her mother re-introduced her to Yonck, an old friend.

Yonck developed Earth School and shared it with Reyes.

'The games came to me through my own process of self-discovery,' said Yonck.

Earth School 101 is a non-physical class held this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Synergy on Broadway, 366 S. Broadway St. The class is the first in a series. Cost is $75 and includes materials.

Pre-registration, required, is available on the studio's web site at, or call 503-630-7699 for more information.

A donation of canned food to benefit the Estacada Family Resource Center is suggested.

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