by: Rita A. Leonard, New green and tan playground equipment and climbing boulders are featured at Kenilworth Park in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood, just east of Grout Elementary School.

Colorful new playground equipment has been installed at Kenilworth Park, as well as at Brooklyn School Park behind Winterhaven School. Both sites feature plastic composite climbing structures with slides, and replace the previous, deteriorated wooden equipment. Kenilworth's new play structures are green and tan, with two separate climbing boulders.

Winterhaven's blue and yellow equipment is being installed in 2 phases, with plans for completion during the summer, but Portland Parks and Recreation's Project Manager, Patty Freeman, says the Kenilworth site, adjacent to Grout Elementary School, is essentially complete. 'All that remains is for wood chips to be spread and the site cleaned up,' she told THE BEE in mid-March.

'The Brooklyn School Park composite climbing structure has a plastic mega-rock climber attached, as an integral part of the play equipment. Phase 2 plans include addition of an extra extension, a suspension bridge, another platform and two climbers.'

Winterhaven Principal Tanya Ghattas praised the new play structures as 'a great beginning. The kids love playing on the tire swing and climbing the artificial rock. We're looking forward to enjoying the coming suspension bridge.'

Gattas was out of town last summer when the old wooden play structure was removed. 'We wanted to save the old wooden beams that said 'Brooklyn Bridge', but somehow they were placed near the dumpsters, and they disappeared before we could salvage them,' she said. 'If anyone picked up those beams as souvenirs, we'd love to have them back. We definitely have a spot for them here at our school. If anyone can tell us what became of them, please call Winterhaven at 503/916-6200.'

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