by: Rita A. Leonard, Pink flowering trees soften a backdrop at the city-owned, public Eastmoreland Golf Course.

By the time spring officially arrived this year, in the 10 pm hour of March 19th, the daffodils had already been open for a couple of weeks, cherry trees were abloom, and other plants and trees were well on their way to their annual celebration of the season.

Lush red Japanese quince blossoms form a hedge near Duniway School. Pink flowering plum and cherry trees soften a backdrop at the Eastmoreland Golf Course. Rangy yellow forsythia and multicolored daffodils bloom in yards all over Inner Southeast Portland, while the fragrance of daphne odora perfumes the air.

At Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, early rhododendrons set the stage for spring visitors exploring a stream in the Jane Martin Entry Garden. Yellow buds of Oregon grape welcome strollers to the arched entry bridge. Underfoot, violets hug the earth, and everywhere, spring blossoms gladden winter-weary hearts.

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