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A variety of garden art was discovered at the end of Horton Road last Sunday. Police are holding the art pieces for their owners.

A resident of the 6500 block of Horton Road called police Sunday evening to report that some suspicious objects had been visible at the end of Horton Road all day.

Sgt. Wade Corbin and Officer Vince Moreschi were initially baffled when they heard from dispatchers that they were responding to a call about St. Francis, the Easter Bunny, an angel and two traffic cones.

But when they arrived at the end of Horton Road, they knew instinctively what had happened. They remembered the great gnome caper of a few years ago, and knew that a local 'criminal' had gone creative with several people's garden-art statuaries.

About 15 such ceramic pieces had been grouped at the end of the road and protected with two brightly colored traffic cones.

'The various statues were obviously taken from yards in the area and left there as a prank,' said Sgt. Neil Hennelly.

But the prank isn't as much on local neighbors as it is on the police. According to Hennelly, there is limited space in the department's evidence storage area, and these items take up a lot of space.

'Our goal is to reunite families with their garden art as soon as possible,' Hennelly said, 'and free up space in our facility.'

Anyone missing statuary art should contact Evidence Technician Rita Swanson at the police department by calling 503-655-6214.

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