Letters to the Editor for April 3


Nike supports Doyle for Beaverton mayor

Nike has many employees who live, work and raise their families in Beaverton. The company is an economic engine for the region and supporter of local schools and many community organizations. We believe the city and its residents would benefit from new leadership in the mayor's office - leadership that restores trust and openness to the way the city of Beaverton works.

During the last several years, Mayor Drake led and orchestrated the effort to keep public records secret, alienated local businesses and unnecessarily spent taxpayers' dollars on legal fees.

Nike supports Denny Doyle in his effort to be Beaverton's next mayor.

Like many others, we believe Doyle will build stronger partnerships with small and large businesses, work with citizens in an open and honest manner and use his business expertise to improve the city's operations.


State and public affairs director for Nike

Lakeside Landfill unfairly singled out

I would like to express my own opinion on the Lakeside Landfill issue.

For approximately 50-plus years Mr. Grabhorn and his family have run a very reputable business at the site on Vandermost Road. They are from a pioneer family of the area and are very respectful.

Mr. Grabhorn has, and I am sure will in the future, run his business in a very businesslike and professional manner. It seems to me that he and his business were here long before any of his neighbors - I believe even before the winery next door, which seems to be crying foul so loudly. I recall that the winery is even planted on a portion of an old dumpsite, which is why the wine is so tasty!

It seems so easy in this day and age to have people move into an area and wish to change it all. Young children and friends of the neighbors are coached and coerced by the neighbors to come to meetings and complain about the dump - many of these people miles away having no real knowledge of it.

Why did the neighbors buy there if they did not like it?

I have driven by there for years and have not even smelled objectionable odors or noticed anything leaching in the river when I have boated by. Lakeside has even planted beautiful large trees there.

There are other old abandoned dumps along that river that you never hear about. Nothing is said about them. They were not even kept up to a speck of the quality of Lakeside Landfill.

What about the old Washington County dump above Laurel? How many know how it was abandoned or where it is even located? Or what creek and river it leaches into? I do.

Please get off Lakeside's back. Get after the big polluters - the city of Portland with its raw sewage in the Willamette. They do buy a permit, but one heck of a major polluter they are!

How about Smurfit paper mill in Newberg - permit again? Why are the fish around Newberg and downstream malformed? Think about that.



Schools appreciate Safeway contributions

Representatives from Nancy Ryles Elementary School and Westgate Christian School honored Safeway recently for a combined total of almost $5,000 in donations the schools received in 2007 by presenting Murrayhill Assistant Store Manager Amber Krantz with certificates of appreciation and a thank-you poster to be displayed in the store.

The parents and teachers at each school feel it is important to recognize the positive impact the contributions have had on the schools and on the community. The funds raised through the eScrip program at Safeway help fund programs and events that directly benefit the students.

We appreciate Safeway and their ongoing commitment to education and our local schools.

Several public and private schools in the Beaverton/Tigard area are enrolled and participate in the eScrip program. It is a great way for the community to help each school earn much needed money to help fund programs that may otherwise have little fund-raising support.

For a complete list of schools you can support through this free program, visit www.escrip.com.


eScrip chair, Nancy Ryles Community Organization


Telecoms accountable for illegal wiretaps

It is clearly wrong for any United States citizen to turn away from the issue of retroactive immunity for the telecommunication companies that have chosen in the past (or are doing so in the present) to capitulate to the Bush administration's illegal requests for information from phone and e-mail records and active wiretaps without a warrant.

To that end we must demand that Congress and the Senate defend our right to privacy, which also protects them from politically motivated spying through the use of warrantless wiretapping. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is sufficient and allows adequate means for federal government agencies to legally protect us against possible acts of terrorism.

As a people, we must stand up and demand proper oversight from our representatives in government. Both the U.S. House and Senate should say no to immunity from punishment for those companies' illegal actions. The telecoms that have participated in the illegal wiretapping need to be held responsible for their actions - they have broken the law and should not be let off the hook now.



Buses next to school pose health hazard

The Beaverton School District is still pursuing its plans to store and operate 180 diesel school buses next to Five Oaks Middle School.

There is a substantial body of medical evidence demonstrating that diesel pollution has a serious, detrimental effect on children's health. The fumes and pollution from 180 diesel buses idling while they warm up their engines, immediately next to school playing fields and classrooms, can cause cancer, asthma attacks and a permanent decrease in children's lung capacity.

We have created a petition to tell the Beaverton School District that the Beaverton community is united against their plans - www.petitiononline.com/BusBarn/.

Please read and sign the petition and then forward it to your friends and neighbors in the school district, and encourage them to sign it. By showing the school district how strongly the local community is against this project, we hope to persuade them to look for an alternative location for the bus barn.



Vote for candidates for the right reasons

I don't usually send letters to the editor, even though I have been tempted many times. I feel like I just had to respond after reading last week's letter, 'Hillary may be the last chance for a while' (Beaverton Valley Times, March 27). Perhaps we could title my letter 'Maybe we'll finally be rid of the Clintons after this.'

It's easy to tell where Ms. Parypa is coming from. She wants us to vote for Hillary simply because she's a woman.

After slamming the 'big boys in Arkansas' and 'right-wing Christian radio' as the reason for Hillary's problems, she finally gets to one sentence in her lengthy letter about Hillary's 'expertise' in health care, education and women's and children's law. Hillary has brought her 'negative image' problems upon herself (with help from her spouse) - although it takes someone that's willing to look past her gender to see that.

Her attempts at health-care reform were poorly thought out, and the American public realized that. She has never shown that she has any original ideas about reforming education. Hillary is reaping what she has sown.

The only sentence that I agree with is the one suggesting Obama needs more experience. Let's vote for candidates for the right reasons - their ability to do the job, their character and their real-life experience (outside the taxpayer dole).



Two good candidates for Beaverton mayor

Deciding whom to vote for to become mayor of Beaverton is going to be a difficult choice. Two good men - Rob Drake and Dennis Doyle - are vying for the position. Both have demonstrated their competency, as one is the incumbent and the other an active, well-spoken, city councilor. Both are honest, dedicated, and worthy.

In discussions I have heard of the shortcomings of the present administration, but I believe that comes with the job. No elected official is going to please everyone or be immune from mistakes.

The real question when evaluating performance is, what is the state of the city?

The mayor is its leader. Beaverton has, during Mayor Drake's tenure, become a solid city. Its infrastructure is well financed, productive and responsive to its citizenry. It has a good identity, active neighborhoods, and thriving businesses. There are effective checks and balances in place. Its tax base has never reached the 'allowable by law' level, and when compared to other cities, it stands tall in most all categories.

For me, knowing that the city has blossomed while Rob Drake has been mayor is a good reason to support Rob Drake this election.

As I said though, it's not an easy choice to make.



Government's priorities are out of whack

The United States government is spending literally billions of dollars on coupons to allow citizens to get converter boxes so they can view digitally enhanced television when the analog signal goes away next year.

We live in the only industrialized country in the world that does not provide health care for all of its citizens. Where have the priorities gone? Let's see, health care or TV?

We can only hope a new administration has more common sense than the one we currently have in the White House. I guess when your national debt is running at $9 trillion then a few more billion does not seem like such a big deal.

Heaven help our kids after we are gone.