Postal inspectors raid home in identity theft probe


A Gresham home was targeted in a U.S. Postal Service investigation into an ongoing identity-theft ring this week.

With assistance from the Gresham-Multnomah County SWAT team, postal authorities raided a home in the 4000 block of Southeast Powell Valley Road around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 2.

Postal service officials declined to reveal who they were looking for or what they discovered with the federal search warrant. No one connected with the investigation was arrested. However, two people at the residence - Clifton Fredericks Smith, 47, and April Lynne Tompte, 33 - were arrested on outstanding warrants for unrelated charges, Multnomah County Sheriff's officials said.

The investigation involves one or more individuals obtaining credit and opening accounts using other people's names, said Dennis Fernald, supervisor of the Portland Postal Inspection office. A complaint filed by an Oregon postal customer prompted the investigation about a month ago.

'We foresee indictments down the road,' he said, noting that the investigation 'keeps mushrooming out. It started with a couple of people.'

Sheriff's and Gresham Police officials deferred all questions to the Postal Service.