Unleashed dogs can lead to tragedy

I would like to urge all dog owners to please keep their dogs on a leash. My little dog was a recent victim of a vicious attack from a dog that was not leashed. An innocent walk on the track at a local middle school quickly resulted in my beloved pet being fatally injured. As much as you want to believe your dog would never attack, please remember they are just animals and unpredictable. No one can really know why or what provokes a dog to attack, but why take the chance?

If you want to take a chance of having your dog unleashed and able to run free, then do so in a dog park where that is allowed. Do not presume that other people walking their dogs on a leash would want to take that chance. My dog is gone, and the owner of the other dog now has to deal with the fact that his dog killed him.

It was senseless, and I would like to warn dog owners to be responsible and not put others at risk because you believe your pet would never do such a thing. It can happen to you.



Don't rush to ban instruments of crime

Let's all just take a deep breath and look dispassionately at the facts before putting yet another useless ban on an instrument of crime, in this case, spray paint and marker pens.

We've tried gun bans to control gun crime, and they don't work; in fact, they promote more armed crime because the victims are less likely to be armed and the crooks know it.

We've tried auto registration revocations to control drunk driving, and that doesn't work, either.

We pass out 'rape whistles' to control rape, and they don't work.

I have a suggestion that might work, though: personal responsibility.

Yep, that forgotten concept in law that the perpetrator of a crime is responsible for the damages.

No, taggers aren't 'artists' to be given additional canvases; they aren't 'misunderstood youth,' either. They are simply criminals. Let's treat them as criminals. Let's catch them, convict them and give them hard time. No, not 'community service' scrubbing walls - jail time! Locked-up time. No time-off-for-good-behavior time - flat time.

Let's bear down, but let's not make the same stupid mistake of trying to ban the tool they use to commit crime.

It doesn't work.

George Schneider


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