Fire marshal works on forum


Gresham Fire Marshal Gus Lian headed to Washington, D.C., on March 31 to help fight loss of life and property to fire.

Lian was part of a forum of 150 fire safety experts selected from across the country. The two-day meeting was a key part of a year-long project to develop a national strategic agenda aimed at reducing the some 4,000 lives lost and $12.7 billion in property damage each year to fires.

'I'm honored to have been chosen to participate in this historic forum, one that will hopefully bring a lasting solution to this serious and long-standing national problem,' Lian said.

Funded through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program awarded to the Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch, the forum attendees planned to encapsulate all prevention initiatives in their efforts at a solution.

'This project is unprecedented in scope and depth,' said project manager Jim Crawford, fire marshal for the city of Vancouver, Wash. 'We have assembled an incredible array of experts from a diversity of fields to help craft a national plan to reduce the loss of life and property from fire. Through our collective efforts we will develop strategies that will save lives, now and for the future.'