Don't let wiretappers off the hook

It is clearly wrong for any U.S. citizen to turn away from the issue of retroactive immunity for the telecommunication companies that have chosen in the past (or are doing so in the present) to capitulate to the Bush administration's illegal requests for information from phone and e-mail records and active wiretaps without a warrant.

To that end we must demand that Congress and the Senate defend our right to privacy, which also protects them from politically motivated spying through the use of warrantless wiretapping. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is sufficient and allows adequate means for federal government agencies to legally protect us against possible acts of terrorism.

As a people, we must stand up and demand proper oversight from our representatives in government. Both the U.S. House and Senate should say no to immunity from punishment for those companies' illegal actions. The telecoms that have participated in the illegal wiretapping need to be held responsible for their actions - they have broken the law and should not be let off the hook now.

K. Shawn Edgar