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In the wee hours last Saturday, an alert Officer Tony Poitras noticed a car turn right on a red light at a freeway exit without stopping.

The officer drove behind the vehicle, and it stopped several blocks from the infraction.

While checking the status of the driver and each passenger, Poitras discovered a trio of 'criminals' on the run. The driver, Valerie E. Simmons, 30, Gresham, had a suspended driver's license.

A warrant for her arrest had been issued by Multnomah County for the same offense. She was taken into custody without incident.

One of the passengers, Jonathan M. Webber, 35, Gresham, was the registered owner of the vehicle. He had two outstanding warrants for failing to appear on charges of theft. The bail on each was $1,234. He was taken into custody.

The remaining passenger quickly left the vehicle and ran past officer Poitras, ignoring orders to stop. Sgt. Dave Kempas stayed with the two prisoners, while Officer Brad Moyle chased the subject on foot and Poitras drove his car to Easy Street, where the suspect had run.

The suspect was later identified as Raymond T. Chadley, 30, a transient. Poitras got out of his car and knocked Chadley to the ground. Chadley resisted the officers' attempts to handcuff him, but in the struggle - two against one - the officers prevailed.

Chadley apparently had reason to run. In the early-morning light, the officers discovered that the United States Marshall's Office had a warrant for Chadley on a probation violation for counterfeiting. Chadley also was charged with possession of a controlled substance - cocaine - as well as giving false information to an officer and resisting arrest.

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