Baggetta art purchased for education foundation

by: Vern Uyetake, 
Artist Marla Baggetta speaks during a reception at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas about the painting “Back Again” they purchased. The work will be auctioned off on April 19 to help the North Clackamas Education Foundation.

Painter Marla Baggetta is known for her oil and pastel paintings of landscapes in the Stafford area - in fact, many of them are on display at Oswego Lake Gallery in Lake Oswego.

While Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas has purchased 11 of her paintings in the past, the painting hospital officials bought this month will not be displayed in the hospital, but will instead help students in the North Clackamas school district.

Kaiser purchased Baggetta's painting 'Back Again' in order to donate it to the North Clackamas Education Foundation. The foundation, in turn, plans to auction the painting at its fundraising auction April 19.

'Proceeds from the sale will help fund educational extras for North Clackamas students, which is not covered by taxpayer dollars,' said Jim Gersbach, Kaiser Permanente's community relations manager.

Baggetta, a West Linn resident, said the 12 by 12 painting - 22 by 22 framed - is of a landscape in the Stafford area between Lake Oswego and West Linn.

'It's an area that I go to and take photographs of a lot during all seasons,' Baggetta said. 'It's one of those places that I go to time and time again. That's why it's called 'Back Again.''

The abstract piece is similar to the other paintings that Gersbach said his hospital admires.

'We want our waiting rooms and lobbies to be places where patients and visitors can see beautiful art that will help them focus on something other than the fear and pain that is often accompanying illness or injury,' Gersbach said.

'By viewing the soft-hued hills, trees and streams in Marla Baggetta's paintings,' he continued, 'we think people will be better able to temporarily set aside their worries and relax.'

Baggetta said that the inspiration for many of her pieces comes from the world around her - near her home.

'If you're inclined to be a landscape painter you just can't help it here. It's so beautiful,' Baggetta said. 'When I drive to the grocery store I always have to have my camera in the car.'

View some of Baggetta's paintings on display at Oswego Lake Gallery at 315 First St., Suite 101 in Lake Oswego.

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