by: david boehmke, The star on the right side denotes our old office; at left, our new location.

We were without a home for about a week, but after several days of unloading, unpacking and unwinding, it's finished - The Sandy Post has moved.

No longer will you be able to drop by the 39110 Proctor Blvd., Suite B, location near the intersection of Meinig Avenue and Proctor Boulevard.

Now we are at 'The House on Strauss,' 17333 Strauss Ave. It's just a couple blocks away from the old location, on the street behind Inga Pachukes and Sandy's Organic Coffee Co. We're next door to the Yarn Shop, if that helps.

Please pardon our dust as we get this new office into order, and feel free to call us at 503-668-5548 if you can't find us. We'll give you directions.

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