Thank you for helping Johni


I want to thank everyone for their love, support and generous donations to the Johni Keller fund.

Johni has been overwhelmed by your generosity. She did not realize how well liked and loved she is! We, her family, of course, knew.

Johni successfully received new lungs via transplant on Feb. 29 at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, Calif. She is stunning her doctors by being their most rapidly recovering patient to date. Again, no surprise to us!

One of Johni's comments to me just 4 days post-surgery was 'I want out of this hospital. I'm bored. Usually when I am in the hospital, I'm really sick but not this time, I feel so good! I want to get my to my apartment and start walking.'

Now she needs our prayers that her little body accepts her new lungs.

We are so thankful to the donor family.

Her life-saving anti-rejection medication is $600 a week, out of pocket. The donations from everyone have literally helped keep Johni alive.

Key Bank is still accepting donations under her name. The local schools, Curves, and Barbara's Flowers are selling beautiful note cards featuring Johni's art.

Thank you once again.

Bonnie Wojdan and Family

The Keller Family