It's been quite some time since the Green-Nelson Library was moved and renovated at Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind, but the organization reckoned it's never too late to celebrate a good thing.

On Saturday afternoon, April 5, supporters gathered at the foundation's main lodge for an official dedication ceremony for the library.

The library, formerly housed in the recreation room, was relocated as part of Cameron Whitman's Eagle Scout project almost two years ago.

'We just never got around to doing the dedication,' said George Morgan, Oral Hull Foundation board member and former executive director.

The library once competed with the sounds of the foosball table and the facility's more rambunctious activities.

'It's really a big difference,' Morgan said. 'It actually gives them a place where they're not having to compete with all the noise of the games and all that.'

Now, in the spot that once housed the executive director's office, Oral Hull's visually impaired patrons may enjoy Braille books and a technology center in a much more library-esque setting.

'There are places where people can go in, sit, read, get on the Internet and be on the computers,' Morgan said. 'The space is not bigger but better arranged.'

The library, previously known as the Nelson Library, was dedicated to a family that donated funds to create it in the 1960s. It became the Green-Nelson Library when Don Green, a longtime Oral Hull Foundation member and board member, rallied the Parkrose Lions Club to provide funds and materials for Whitman's project.

Whitman painted, built shelving and did the physical work involved in the move.

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