Letters, April 9


The following letters appeared in the April 9 edition of The Sandy Post:

Just a thought

Just a possible use that maybe the fire department could consider for the empty house across the street… an emergency shelter for families displaced by home fire? It could be just a temporary, one- or two-night stay, somewhere they can get their affairs in order with insurance companies and placement. Not sure what they do with families, or if they have any assistance available, but I would imagine there would be resources to help with the funding of such a place and help free up more money for the dept to expand with our ever-growing population.



Show library staff your appreciation

April 15 is National Library Workers Day, a perfect time to let your local library staff know how much they are appreciated. There are many ways you can show your gratitude: a simple note or verbal 'thank you,' or perhaps you have another way in which to express your thanks. Feel free to address your thanks to a particular individual, or to the entire staff. A thank-you note form will be available in the library for anyone who would like to use it.

Any show of appreciation will go a long way toward keeping up the spirits of Sandy's hard-working library staff.


Program coordinator

Sandy Public Library

Hard times lie ahead

Recently, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake issued a dour sermon detailing the afflictions of our ravaged financial system. This is not exactly news to most of us as we have noted that consumer confidence has fallen off drastically, real estate values are crumbling, and credit problems are springing up everywhere.

It should be pointed out, however, that we should not place this debacle wholly on the shoulders of the apoplectic Bernake. He has merely been left with the unenviable task of cleaning up the mounds of red ink left to him by his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, along with the voodoo economic policies of the Bush administration, which proclaimed the illusory notion that a nation can borrow its way to prosperity. The bill, to put it mildly, has come due with a vengeance.

While it now seems inevitable that increasingly hard times lie ahead, this might be the right time to let your members of Congress know that we fully expect the next administration to clean up the monetary hanky-panky they have been instrumental in creating.



Sonoma is ripping us off

I just got back from the most dreadful trip, and I would like to talk about an alarming discovery.

I went to the wine country - Sonoma, Calif., to be exact. I stayed for a week of my planned month excursion because of increasing amounts of excessive sunlight and a simple hike I took on day six of my trip.

Someone at the tourist center told me to hike to a place called Glen Ellen and hike the mountain to the top for the most beautiful view I will ever see.

Probably not knowing that I hike once a month, he was increasingly pushy about it, and then he dropped the name: 'Hood Mountain.'

My jaw dropped, and I had to say something. Instead of having a verbal altercation, I closed my mouth and walked out of the building. Talk about a slap in the face by our neighbors to the south!

It's not like they have everything already, but now they took away our one prized possession, our beautiful mountain.

The view from the top of this 'mountain' - it's more like a hill with a small rocky face, and its elevation is a puny 2,700 feet - is in no way close to what we offer our hikers here.

I have already passed this along to my respective representatives in office and hope to start a petition to force the people of Sonoma, Calif., to rename their mountain to something that they made off, not a cheap rip-off for publicity's sake! Please join my cause.