Regner needs sidewalks for pedestrians

I was riding home one night when I saw a sad sight. There was a poor woman striding alone in the cold dark. She walked along one of Gresham's major streets, Regner Road, with no sidewalk to protect her. That story I told you is real. This problem of no sidewalks on Regner is one to be fixed. You may think that it only affects adults, but it affects the younger generation also.

First, as you may know America's next generation is growing weaker and even unhealthier with every vanilla and raspberry filled donut. We all know we need a proper place to jog off those jelly-glazed donuts, and Regner is a perfect place to start. Sidewalks would improve our health because people would have a place to walk.

Next, many of citizens who enjoy long walks or jogs are unable to do so because there aren't sidewalks along Regner Road. When people are unable to walk, they miss an awesome opportunity to jog along with nature and see the real beauty of Regner Road.

Some people may think that having sidewalks on Regner Road may make life harder on the drivers, but if we have sidewalks on Regner, then the pedestrians would be safer. If we had this sidewalk, we would have a designated place to walk and feel safe.

As you can see, sidewalks would be a great solution for safety on Regner Road. We would be healthier, happier and safer. Gresham deserves to have the best.



Credit scores should be available more frequently

We have all seen it advertised extensively on the Internet and cable TV. That ad 'Do You Know Your Credit Score?' Sure, credit scores have helped lenders see their customers spending habits, but really, is it an accurate score given on that specific day, hour or minute drawn up by insurance companies, car dealers and the present crisis in the home mortgage problems? Over the past few years, or even decades, lenders have used this system. But it is outdated. It's an ancient snapshot of credit worthiness in modern times of instant communication and a fluctuating economy.

Home mortgages have gone into default because FICO scores (FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation, which developed the most widely used credit score model in the United States) have been doctored, rearranged and are basically an unrealistic picture of people and their finances. The current system is built around that one free credit report you can get once a year from all three credit bureaus. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has said that finances are always changing, minute by minute just as the DOW is not a constant figure throughout the year.

Certainly, the public should have the same access to the credit score that is changing all the time and not the one shot, 30-day period you see over and over when once turning over to a credit scoring company and pay the fee. People these days are not stupid enough to think their credit score will be the same over a whole year or even tomorrow.

Let's update the system so people can get an accurate measuring of their credit with a fresh score every day. This gives people a broader view of their true credit potential. The way it is now, to get a daily score, you are accused of abusing their system by logging on every few days.

Mike Brink


Schools should let Girl Scouts use rooms

A Girl Scout troop stood at the door of Dexter McCarty Middle School. They couldn't afford the $15-an-hour fee to rent a meeting room, so they had their meeting in the parking lot, in the dark and in a cold rain. They were miserable as the rain poured on their head. This hasn't happened yet, but one day it might. The problem we are facing now is the Girl Scouts are paying $15 an hour to rent a room in a public building.

Some Girl Scout troops are doing their service project for schools in Gresham. For example, my Girl Scout troop is redoing the courtyard at North Gresham, and we don't use their building for our meetings. Girl Scout troops could do community service for school buildings in return for using their building for our meetings.

The Girl Scout troops will use the buildings when there is a custodian in the building. Girl Scout troops will leave the room cleaner than they found it. Girl Scouts will try to not mess with the stuff in the room they are in. The Girl Scouts will check in with someone in the building and check out when they are done with their meeting.

On the other hand, SUN school gets to use school buildings after school and during the summer for free.

So why can't the Girl Scouts use public building for free? If the Girl Scouts can't use a public building, we can't have meetings. Then we can't sell the Girl Scout cookies that you love.

If the school district doesn't decrease the cost of using a public building, the Girl Scouts will have to have their meeting outside in the wind, rain, sun and snow. We, the Girl Scouts, need the Gresham-Barlow School District to help us decrease the cost of renting a room in a public building.



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