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Neil Goldschmidt may be gone from the public eye, but as long as there's a blogosphere out there, he'll never be forgotten. … Last month it was a former assistant drawing favorable comparisons between Goldschmidt's admitted statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl and the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal. … This time, we're indebted to a young waiter from Jake's, which earlier this year catered a fancy dinner at the Goldschmidts' West Hills digs. … 'The food was exquisite,' he writes. 'Rack of lamb. Some fancy French beef broth. Peach champagne sorbet. Some kind of salmon. … We came through with wine after each course. They have 4 different kinds of crystal stemware for the 4 different wines.' … No wonder the ex-guv is looking so fit these days. … Sounds like he hasn't lost a bit of that old, vaguely hip charm, though. As Goldschmidt told the kid when he poured him an extra-full glass of wine, he liked his 'chops.'


Of course no one's willing to say anything publicly, but over at the P-town transportation department they're giggling up a storm about Commissioner Sam Adams' plan to 'recycle' the 13-ton Sauvie Island bridge as a bike bridge downtown over Interstate 405 - especially when a smaller, less expensive and, frankly, sleeker model will do just as well. … The question, of course, is why the good commissioner is so hot to trot on the matter. … Surely it couldn't be, as some suggest, that he wants to create a monument to himself. The only monument it'll ever be is a monument to someone's bad taste. … Another reminder of what a small town this is: The new owner of Nick's Famous Coney Island is Tyler Rogoway, son of Dave Rogoway of LaRog Jewelers fame, and a former KISN DJ. … Dave says he and Tyler have talked about owning the famous hot dog joint since Tyler was a kid and the two of them used to go there for Saturday lunch. After some remodeling, it'll open in late May - of course, with all the sports memorabilia intact. … 'The dream lives on!' Dave says with his usual level of enthusiasm… Mike Ryerson, columnist for The Northwest Examiner, is demanding the retraction of a recent column item in which I noted that the once fashionable Northwest 23rd Avenue has the 'worst potholes in P-town'. … Not so, according to Ryerson. As a matter of fact, he says, 'they're the best. … They're generous in size and they definitely have character and depth.' As usual, I stand corrected.


More news from the Department of Corrections: Contrary to what was reported here last week, that's not $102,000 owed the city by former 'clean money' candidate Emilie Boyles - but $112,918. And that's straight from the city auditor's office, which has overseen this fiasco from the start. … The increase is due to the constantly rising interest, which now amounts to more than $22,000. … My advice to Boyles: Just put it on a credit card and be done with it. … Local stripper Viva Las Vegas wants everyone to know about 'an absolutely fabulous film' she's in called 'The Auteur.' … It's a comedy, written and directed by local filmmaker James Westby, about a porn director who sees himself as master filmmaker, and it will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC later this month. … 'All for now,' Viva writes. 'Hope you're feeling fabulous.' Why now that you mention it, Viva, I think I am.

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