Big plans - Three small events mark a week's worth of eco-consciousness

The Banks City Council wants to become a little more environmentally sensitive.

The goal, set during a recent council retreat, isn't really intended to swing the small city's government far to the green end of the political spectrum, however.

Instead, says City Manager Jim Hough, the city is simply trying to lessen its impact on the environment.

'That doesn't mean off-the- deep-end environmentalists, but it doesn't mean the other end. The idea is to leave only footprints,' Hough said.

Next week, Banks residents will be able to revel in the city's new green sheen during three eco-friendly events.

On Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, the city will unveil a new Mutt Mitt dispenser at Greenville Park. The unit will allow park-goers to quickly grab a disposable 'mitt' to help them pick up the unsightly waste left by their mutts. The 10 a.m. unveiling is a small way to honor Earth Day, said Hough who added that the council would like to expand the festivities next year.

At 10 a.m. on Arbor Day, April 25, the city's tree board will be planting a tree at Banks Elementary to replace another tree that needs to be removed for traffic safety. 'The thought of the tree board is, if we can't save a tree let's replace them,' Hough said.

Finally on Saturday, April 26, Swatco Sanitary Service will pick up unwieldy items that usually require a trip to the dump.

Items need to be curbside by 7 a.m. in order to be picked up, and only Swatco customers can participate. Crews will take couches, chairs, tables, mattresses and lumber for free. Dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances will incur a charge ranging from $10 to $45. No hazardous materials will be collected.

The trio of events is a small step, but a step nonetheless, in bringing awareness to eco-issues, Hough said.

'We've got a nice little ballet going - as humble as it is - for Earth Day, Arbor Day and spring cleanup,' he said.

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