Os-way-go makes

national sports news

To the Editor:

When CBS Television broadcaster Dick Enberg pronounced Lake Os-way-go, I cringed. But who cares when two awesome athletes from our hometown are playing for the NCAA Men's and Women's National Championships?

Kudos to Jillian Harmon, multi-talented athlete and person. As a three-time 4A high school state Basketball Player of the Year, playing for Stanford is your dream come true. Your skill and leadership in the NCAA Division 1 semifinals was impressive. Watching you 'amp' up to your tenacity when it counted in the 'Sixth Woman' position made me proud. It reminded me of the natural talent and heart you displayed as a varsity tennis player at Lakeridge. More importantly, you demonstrated sportsmanship, character and that impish smile that is vintage 'Jillz.' You epitomize college sports and the ascendancy into its loft ranks … displaying to all - kids need to play more than one sport! I commend your work ethic and celebrate your No. 2 title in USA's elite.

And for our No. 2 local superstar … who would have thought the 'baby seven year old giant' with brother Colin on the tennis court would be such a basketball nut! Way to go! Karen - as his mother, no wonder you had no time for tennis! Kevin Love was awesome for UCLA and we all wish him the best in whatever path he walks … he has become a fine young man, and he's put Lake Oswego on the map!

Congratulations to our school's athletic programs and staff. These collegians are role models for our youth. Nice playing Jillian and Kevin - it was magical to watch you play on TV!

Here's to your futures.

Anni Miller

Director of Tennis, City of Lake Oswego

Women Democrats are backing Brown for HD38

To the Editor:

In the 2008 primary election, the Board of the Willamette Women Democrats identified the open seat for House District 38 as one of the most important legislative positions that must remain Democratic.

W2D recently convened a legislative subcommittee to meet with the Democratic candidates for House District 38 to make a recommendation for endorsement. The committee met, interviewed both candidates separately with a list of planned questions and then forwarded its recommendation to the full board. The Board considered the recommendation and concluded Linda Brown was the best choice for our endorsement for House District 38.

Linda has a long record of public service that we believe makes her particularly qualified to hit the ground running and make a real difference in Salem. Her many achievements include:

n Elected to the Lake Oswego School Board in 2001 and has served twice as chair of the budget committee and twice as board chair, a position she currently holds.

n Served as president of her local neighborhood association.

n Serves on the Board of the Lakewood Center for the Arts.

n Is a director of Civic Outreach, a business-welcoming service, where she developed strong ties to the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce and many local business leaders.

n Has also participated in Leadership Lake Oswego, Rotary International and the Women's Coalition.

Linda Brown will bring proven experience, determination and leadership to Salem as the next representative of House District 38. We urge you to support Linda Brown in her campaign.

Rosie Stephens, Chair

Board of Willamette Women Democrats

Lake Oswego

Bad move to leave the downtown area

To the Editor:

Downtown Lake Oswego is the envy of small cities throughout the United States.

Yet the Lake Oswego government wants to undermine its tradition of careful planning and community input in the case of the West End Building (WEB) boondoggle.

On the May ballot, voters will be asked to refinance the Kruse Way office property, with no determination of its use. What is clear is that gradually civic events and departments are moving there and some city leaders have openly expressed interest in relocating both city hall and the library.

Lake Oswego will be severely jeopardized economically and culturally by the removal of its civic buildings from downtown.

It's time that the citizens of Lake Oswego were genuinely involved in the process of evaluating how to use this isolated patch of business real estate.

Andrew Apter

Lake Oswego