Good article on the crosswalks (Watch your step, Apr. 4). The most important part of the article is in discussing the 'driver talking on a cell-phone.'

I almost crash into, get crashed into or get run over by cell phone drivers on a regular basis. I also almost run over people strolling along (usually jaywalking) yapping on their phones and even almost crash into bicyclists doing the same.

Driving, cycling or walking and 'cell phone' should be mutually exclusive.

As valuable as they are, cell phones should be outfitted with some kind of sensor that causes them to immediately shut off if they're in motion. And all new cars should have sensors that immediately shut off cell phones upon entering.

Drunken-driving fighters want to make it so that your car won't start until you pass a Breathalyzer - studies have shown that being on a cell phone is as (or more) distracting and dangerous than driving drunk.

John Porter

Northwest Portland

Nothing shady about Middaugh's support

I will admit that when the Tribune first came in to circulation, I, like many Portlanders, was excited to have an alternative to The Oregonian. A chance for some really good reading, good reporting and interesting articles.

I am one of many volunteers who collected signatures for Jim Middaugh in 10 days. How dare you make less of our efforts. We worked all day, and sometimes nights.

It's insulting to his volunteers and campaigners that you assume it was impossible without some 'head start' (Guess we just tired the poor guy out, On the Town, April 4).

It's possible because we believe he is the candidate for us. Perhaps you have no idea how many of us pulled together to collect the signatures and are excited at having a candidate we can believe in.

Anyone else could have chosen to do what Middaugh did; public financing is available to anyone who can gather the signatures.

Would you prefer all politicians come from special interest money? Portlanders are ready for some new positive life in our City Council.

Why not put some energy into finding out why Middaugh has so much support? Why not balance out your column with some support for him, since there are clearly so many of your readers supporting him?

Unless, of course, your intention is simply to malign his character. But that wouldn't be good journalism now, would it?

Gina Jones

Southwest Portland

RACC's grateful for Dozono's efforts

Regarding 'Candidates, we're here to listen' (Sources Say, April 8), I want to make it clear that we did not raise this issue but only responded to the Portland Tribune's public records request as required by law.

As I said in the article, we are very grateful for Sho Dozono's fundraising efforts to honor (former) Mayor Vera Katz with a new piece of public art.

Eloise Damrosch

Executive director, Regional Arts and Culture Commission

Northwest Portland

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