Distracted driver nearly causes tragic accident

I'm writing this in order to express the outrage I feel towards you, the young woman in the black Honda Civic, who blew through the crosswalk on 19th Avenue in Forest Grove on Thursday.

The boy on the bicycle is one very lucky child. His front tire missed the side of your brand new vehicle (it still had dealer plates on it) by less than six inches.

He was wearing a helmet, but I doubt that had he been any closer that it would have done him any good.

Did you even see him? Didn't you wonder why at least two cars were stopped in the right lane?

The lady in the mini-van coming out of the exit was horrified. Were her hands over her mouth in disbelief? Or was she hiding her eyes so she wouldn't see what was surely about to happen?

Your brake lights never even showed. When I caught up with you at the intersection at Highway 47 (and only because you were stopped by a red light - not that I was trying to catch you), you were holding your cell phone and laughing. (It may have been on speaker because it wasn't to your ear, but it did appear that you were carrying on some kind of conversation, or were you reading a text message?)

Don't tell me that you didn't see him. Although I would imagine that if you were looking at your phone you couldn't have seen him. Because if you had seen him, believe me you wouldn't have been laughing. None of us were.

W. L. Berger

Forest Grove