Last Friday night after dark, police were called by a neighbor to the report of a domestic dispute in an apartment in the 3500 block of Chow Mein Lane.

The first officer to respond to the call was Tony Poitras, who noticed a man later identified as 25-year-old James M. Taylor III. As soon as Taylor noticed the police car, he began to run away, jumping over a fence and running into another apartment complex.

Poitras called in vain for Taylor to stop, and then called for backup officers because he wasn't sure if a crime had occurred. He, at least, knew that someone was trying to elude police.

Officer Jim Doolittle and his K-9 partner Viggo happened to be very near, and Doolittle saw Taylor running through the complex.

The officer called for Taylor to stop, but Taylor continued to run, ignoring Doolittle's commands. Doolittle also yelled at Taylor that he had a police dog and would send it after him.

'We can legally detain people if we believe a crime has occurred,' said Sgt. Neil Hennelly, 'and in this case that's what we were trying to determine.'

Doolittle gave this command several times:

'Police! Get on the ground!'

Each time Doolittle gave the command, Taylor responded with four-letter words, followed with 'I didn't do anything.'

Taylor also would not show both of his hands, and he ignored repeated commands to stop or the dog would be used.

That's when Doolittle gave Viggo the command to take the suspect down. Taylor continued to resist arrest as Doolittle and Viggo detained him while waiting for other officers and Poitras to arrive and apply handcuffs.

During their investigation, the officers determined that the domestic disturbance was between Taylor and his father, but it likely was just verbal.

Hennelly said that Taylor could have been booked immediately and jailed on several charges, but they chose to turn the case over to the city attorney for a determination.

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