Support Lakeridge at CUP hearing

To The Editor:

The public hearing to change Lakeridge's CUP (Conditional Use Permit) is set for May 5, at 7 p.m. at Lake Oswego City Hall. Please join us in this communitywide effort so that …

1) Lakeridge students participating in all sports and activities will have full and normal use of their school. Changing the CUP will simply let LHS more efficiently and effectively utilize their existing fields and facilities.

2) The Pacer varsity soccer, lacrosse and track teams will have the same athletic experiences as their Laker counterparts, by being allowed to use a PA system during events.

3) The Pacer varsity soccer, lacrosse and track teams can keep their hard-earned home field advantage for important events like civil war, playoff and district matches.

4) The Lake Oswego High School community can turn the 'District Stadium' back into the 'Home of the Lakers'

5) The Lakeridge varsity football team can play 4 to 5 games per year on its own home field.

6) Lakeridge High School remains a vibrant, vital part of the Lake Oswego community, as well as the heart and soul of the 'south side' of the lake.

Kathy (Cook) Fewel

Lake Oswego

Vote isn't about keeping building

To the Editor:

Greg Nelson is confused. (citizen's view, April 17.) He seems to be under the impression that Ballot Measure 3-295 asks the citizens of Lake Oswego whether they want to keep the West End Building that the city bought for $20 million. But that decision has already been made.

In the November, 2007 election, Lake Oswego voted decisively to retain the building - obviously agreeing that securing the West End property - 14 acres located near our population center, with a more than 88,000-square-foot-functional building, 300 parking spaces, stream corridors, tree groves and wetlands - was a visionary purchase and a very good deal.

The property was originally purchased with a short-term, interest-only line of credit. Because the current bond market for AAA bonded cities, such as Lake Oswego, is very favorable for getting a better rate - plus allowing us to pay off the principal as we go - it makes sense to refinance now. That is what Measure 3-295 asks the voters to do.

Lake Oswego voted to retain the building for future use. That process will include public advice and comment on the appropriate immediate and long term uses for the property. I'm sure Mr. Nelson's views will be welcome.

Joan Moore

Lake Oswego

Brown offers the 'winning ticket'

To the Editor:

As I work with fellow (Lake Oswego) School Board member Linda Brown I see how her convictions and common sense positively affect this community. I foresee positive legislative results influenced by her knowledge, experience, political savvy and get-it-done style.

In the dark, wet, winter days Linda walked Southwest Portland, acquainting herself with the concerns, needs and attitudes there. Linda's colleagues are not surprised at her determination and hard work; she always goes that extra mile.

Building strong relationships is where Linda excels. She successfully negotiated neighborhood issues, built business alliances and has earned the respect and cooperation of city leaders. As our state representative Linda will work successfully with fellow legislators and statewide stakeholders.

As legislative chair of all Oregon school districts, Linda worked so well with Mary Nolan, co-chair of the powerful Joint Ways and Means committee, that Nolan walked precincts for Linda. Nolan and other state leaders encouraged Linda to run; they want to work with her.

Linda is a highly valuable community asset who will be the true voice of Lake Oswego and Southwest Portland in the Legislature.

Life experience enhances judgment and perspective. Linda has paid taxes for years and years. She has worked with several city administrations and years of business leaders and a couple of generations of parents. She has balanced a public budget, hired management personnel and paid for family health care benefits. Being in middle age we know experience gives you enhanced judgment and much greater perspective. I want legislative decisions made with maturity.

Linda Brown's knowledge and experience make her the winning ticket.

Deborah Lopardo

Lake Oswego

Be a lion, 'serve your community'

To the Editor:

You have the 2007 News Makers of the Year in the Lake Oswego area. The Lake Grove Lions Club and the Lake Oswego Lions Club hold that distinction because of the outstanding effort Lions made supporting the flood-devastated communities in Northwest Oregon.

More than 300 tons of supplies were delivered to those communities.

I am inviting citizens of Lake Oswego who want to be involved in community service to join one of these Lions Clubs. In addition to meeting emergency needs, Lions Clubs traditionally provide eyeglasses and hearing aids, support youth programs, assist the elderly and provide for other community needs.

To join Lake Grove, contact Mark Ritacco at 503-639-8130 or George Kent at 503-636-7224. For Lake Oswego, contact Melanie George at 503-579-5180 or Raema Manning at 503-635-8481. Become a Lion and serve your community.

Jim Jaggers

District Governor 36-0 Lions Clubs International

Brown knows the district first-hand

To the Editor:

When Oregon's 2001-03 biennium revenue failed to meet the second year of the state's school district budgets, school boards across the state were scrambling to cover the shortfall.

Linda Brown, in her first term on the LOSD board and district budget chair, rejected borrowing into the next year's school budget. She focused on locally controlled revenue streams, including the local option and (school) foundation. She consulted affected stakeholders. Parents, students, administrators, and board members discussed how and where to make cuts. She ensured we had the will to live within our means.

House District 38 needs a leader with Linda Brown's fiscal stewardship. She is still consulting affected stakeholders, canvassing door-to-door throughout our local neighborhoods.

She's lived in the district for over 20 years and knows first-hand the issues relevant to her constituents. Linda has also taken her seven years of school board experience directly to Salem. She's showing the actual 'political courage' called for by her opponent, chairing the Oregon School Boards Association legislative policy committee.

Demand accountability and look for results. Come to the open forum April 29th at 7 p.m. at the Lakeridge High School Gymnasium. Then join me on May 20th by voting for Linda Brown, Representative for House District 38.

Carolyn J. Heymann

Lake Oswego

Art In The Park served a purpose

To the Editor:

Lake Oswego has been my home since the late 80s, having moved here from the East Coast. Many changes have taken place since then, making it a progressive and culturally active community.

I have been an artist since childhood, with my major emphasis on watercolor and pastel. I am an active member of the Oregon Watercolor Society. Seven years ago I also began designing and creating jewelry.

Last summer I participated in Sunday Art In The Park, which was held in the Millenium Plaza Park area. It was an opportunity to meet other artists and establish myself in the creative community. Unfortunately, Art In The Park will not be held this year, forcing artists to go to other communities.

This is a loss for the Lake Oswego artistic community. Our money will be spent in other areas towns helping to support their markets and shows.

What can be done for our local artists? We need to know we are welcomed and appreciated for our originality and sincerity. There is a definite need for an outlet we can depend on.

Rosemarie Caffarelli

Lake Oswego

Editor's Note: Cheryl Brock, executive director for the Lake Oswego Foundation for the Arts, responds: 'The Lake Oswego Foundation for the Arts values the many fine artists in the community. Our decision to forego the Art on the Plaza program this year was based on input from artists and community members, as well as assessing the attendance levels, art sales and volunteer resources needed for the weekly event. Also, only 25 percent of the artists signing up to participate were from Lake Oswego.

'At this time we are working on how we can assist Lake Oswego artists gain greater visibility, network with others in the creative fields and further develop their creative talents. We welcome you, as well as other artists and community members, to be part of the process. Please call me at 503-675-3738 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

wego.or.us to share your thoughts and ideas.'