A threatening e-mail sent out to more than 100 students last week resulted in an 18-year-old Merlo Station High School student being cited and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

Sgt. Paul Wandell, a spokesman for the Beaverton Police Department, said Andrew Chang, a Merlo Station senior, was charged with disorderly conduct and referred to Beaverton Municipal Court following the April 15 incident.

Wandell said police were notified at 5:40 p.m. on April 15 after a student notified an assistant principal that he received a threatening e-mail.

'It contained threats of general violence that would occur on Thursday,' said Wandell. 'It wasn't real specific.'

The school district alerted parents about the threat as part of two auto-dial messages on April 16.

While Wandell declined to relay the exact wording of the e-mail, he said it 'made a reference to the building being razed with people in it.'

However, Wandell said it did not mention the specific school that would be targeted. Also, Wandell said Chang didn't appear to have taken any steps to carry out his threats.

Wandell said Beaverton police detectives and district personnel worked late April 15 to determine where the anonymous e-mail came from.

'It was sent on one of the school district computers, in one of their (Merlo Station's) computer labs,' said Wandell.

After extensive consultation between Beaverton police and school district officials, it was determined that classes would be held Thursday (the day the threat was supposed to be carried out) and extra police officers were assigned to the school.

Because of student confidentiality issues, Maureen Wheeler, spokeswoman for the Beaverton School District, said she couldn't discuss any disciplinary measures that may be taken related to the incident.

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