Stanton hopes to continue her service on City Council

As the incumbent candidate, she brings experience and knowledge to the table
by: Jonathan House, Cathy Stanton has served in her Position 3 seat on the Beaverton City Council since January 1994.

City Councilor Cathy Stanton can tell you the difference between 8-inch and 12-inch pipes in the ground, the nuances of Beaverton's budget and which road projects have been on the city's to-do list the longest.

Her knowledge comes from 14 years of experience in her Position 3 seat on the council, extensive community involvement in the last 25 years and the fact that she reads every piece of paper that comes across her desk.

'I care about what I do,' Stanton said. 'I look at what is best for the city in the long term not the short term.'

Her dedication to making Beaverton a better place prompted her to seek re-election to the post she's held since January 1994.

'I like what I do for the city,' she explained. 'Our role as a city councilor is the creation of policy and oversight of the budget.'

Stanton currently serves as a council liaison on the city's Budget Committee and Mayor's Youth Advisory Board and as a board member of the Beaverton Police Activities League and Good Neighbor Center.

She previously served as the liaison to the Beaverton Committee for Citizen Involvement and Library Advisory Board. She is also a former chairwoman of the Greenway Neighborhood Association, a parent volunteer in Beaverton schools and an organizer of Fanno Creek clean-up efforts in her neighborhood.

As a community leader, people can count on Stanton 'to read every single piece of paper, ask questions and make the best determination based on the information and values.'

She believes it's important to have 'infrastructure in place so growth in the city is as healthy as it can be.'

With that goal in mind, Stanton supports the city's visioning process.

She plans to push for creation of a citizen advisory committee to help the council determine 'where we are going as a city and how to get there.'

'Our biggest challenge right now is the redevelopment of the Westgate property and downtown,' she said. 'We also need a civic center with a performing arts center.

'The citizen group will tell us where things should go and what they should look like.'

Stanton also plans to continue her campaign to complete the Southwest 125th Avenue extension project in South Beaverton. The north-south extension from Scholls Ferry Road to Hall Boulevard has been on the books since 1972.

'It needs to get done,' said Stanton, who raises the issue whenever transportation projects are before the council for approval.

In addition, Stanton plans to lead a charge to create a charter review committee to investigate changes to Beaverton's city charter.

At the top of the list of changes she supports, will be a shift in how the city is managed.

'We need to go back to a city manager form of government,' Stanton said. 'We shouldn't elect someone to lead our city on good looks or a glib tongue. We're just too big - we need a manager.'

She'd also like the city to explore urban renewal authority again and bring back the city's privilege tax.

'We had a 1½ percent tax on our electric bills to underground utilities on Murray Boulevard,' Stanton said. 'When we did Hall, Davis and Hart, we didn't underground utilities, yet our development code says we're supposed to.'

What has she learned from her time in office?

'People in Beaverton care about their city,' Stanton said. 'They care about doing things the right way and they have always been willing to pay for them.'