Family of four was sharing quarters with dogs and birds in rural home
by: , Three of the 150 Chihuahuas were in a pet carrier as they were taken from a Gaston-area home Thursday.

Washington County sheriff's deputies removed 150 Chihuahuas from a Gaston-area house Thursday morning, April 24, in a case of alleged animal neglect.

Sgt. David Thompson, spokesman for the sheriff's office, said Carolyn Ohlhauser, 59, was still feeding the animals, but the home, off Patton Valley Road, was filled with feces and in deplorable shape.

'Apparently she used to be a licensed kennel and was raising these things. At some point it used to be fairly clean out there, but at some point got away from her,' Thompson said.

Thompson said Washington County Animal Control got a tip after someone went to the house to buy a dog.

Thompson said Ohlhauser was living in the home with her daughter and her daughter's three children.

The Department of Human Services is looking into the welfare of the children living at the home.

Thompson said the the children were removed from the home during the police action.

Officials also found two horses, a handful of exotic birds and various other dogs on the scene. All the animals were taken into custody.

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