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Northwest neighborhood activist Pete Colt has nothing but praise for the way P-town's finest have chased at least some of the hookers away from their usual perches at Starbucks in the West Burnside Fred Meyer. For a while, though, it was getting a little dicey there, as he reported at a Northwest District Association board meeting last week. … So where do these latte ladies hang out now? At the bus stop at Northwest 19th Avenue and Everett Street, Colt reports. 'They like one-way streets because they only have to look in one direction for the cops.' … Bet they can't wait for the Burnside-Couch couplet to be up and running.


Will someone please tell me why I've never heard that mayoral candidate Sho Dozono - who, as everybody knows, owns Azumano Travel - also is the CEO for Portland's oldest cab company, Broadway Cab? Moreover, why Dozono - who must realize that the whole political game here is trying to out-green your opponent - has never pointed out that Broadway is in the process of acquiring hybrid cars for its fleet? … If this were Sam Adams, he'd be holding three news conferences a day to remind us of this bold new safe, sound and green initiative. … Just more proof, I guess, that not everyone is a born politician. This information, by the way, thanks to Jack Minor of North Portland, who says he was Googling for hybrid cars the other day when up it popped.


Next time you stop at Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine on Northeast Broadway, be sure to ask your waiter to please go easy on their special Thai chili powder. … Mike Pullen, who works in the bridge department for the county, says when he ate there a couple of month ago, they had to call an ambulance and a fire truck because a customer passed out - a fact confirmed by Fire Bureau spokesman Allen Oswalt. … The victim, identified in bureau records as a man in his 40s, was unconscious but breathing when the ambulance arrived. … Not to worry, says a manager at Sweet Basil. 'That night we were having our annual spicy food contest. Usually we are very moderate.' … Although, of course, if you ask them, they can always crank it up a couple notches. … If you want to get 'em going here in P-town, just say bikes. Or better yet, bikes-only bridges - like the $5.5 million job the City Council is trying to put across Interstate 405 at Northwest Flanders. What everyone seems to be missing is that the one currently being planned is about $2 million more than another version that would work just as well - and at a time when basic transportation needs are going unmet. Somehow, though, I don't think that'll stop them.


A final honk for Curly Brower - driver, dispatcher and general manager of Radio Cab, who died earlier this month at the age of 86. … After he retired, Curly kept his hand in by driving part-time and distributing Radio Cab scratch pads to bars and restaurants around P-town. And when he lost his sight two years ago, that still didn't stop him. … His wife, Arlene, drove him around, parking outside while he went in to make his deliveries - 'cause if there's one thing for sure in this business, you can't call a cab if you don't have the phone number. … Go ahead, Curly would like you to have it: 503-227-1212. He might even answer the phone.

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