Obama not truthful about lobbyist money

I would like to follow up on Barack Obama's TV spot about how he doesn't take money from lobbyists.

Let's take a look at known federal lobbyists who are referred to as 'bundlers for Barack Obama.' Unlike the other candidates in this race, Obama is far more surreptitious about his relationships with lobbyists. Known lobbyists collect 'bundled' money for him so that the money doesn't actually look like it came from the lobbyist himself.

Why would a lobbyist do this? Two reasons:

(1) So Obama could pretend he doesn't take money from lobbyists and,

(2) So the lobbyist will still get credit later for collecting all this cool cash for their man.

Obama appears to have many old tricks for a man who claims to be different. Here is a recent list of registered federal lobbyists who have bundled money for Obama:

Timothy Broas - $100,000+

Frank Clark - $200,000+

Howard Gutman - $200,000+

Scott Harris - 200,000+

Allan Katz - $200,000 +

William Lake - $50,000+

Robert S. Litt - $ Not Revealed

Kenneth Lore - $50,000+

Thomas J. Perrelli - $200,000+

Thomas A. Reed - $200,000+

Paul N. Roth - $50,000+

Alan Solomont - $100,000+

Robert M. Sussman - $50,000+

Tom E. Wheeler - $100,00+

Total: $1,700,000+ dollars in bundled money from known registered federal lobbyists.

Right or wrong, just about every presidential candidate who ever lived has collected money from lobbyists either directly or via bundling.

The only difference here is Obama denies it. And that is just plain unacceptable.



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