Letters to the Editor - April 26


Family needs community's help

A family in our community is experiencing a great challenge. Kathleen and Scott Copeland have worked with the children in our community for decades. This family would not initiate such an appeal, but we who love them would.

Recently, their 30-year-old son, Matthew, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. He begins chemotherapy soon and the prognosis looks promising. Your help is needed because Matthew is one of many in Oregon without health insurance. He has applied to the Oregon Health Plan and Hardship Funding from the hospitals where he is receiving his treatments in order to help cover the costs - which will soon exceed $100,000.

We are asking you to pray and to give. You can be a part of his recovery by making a tax-deductible contribution in his name to Alive! Ministries, 32216 SE Bluff Road, Gresham, Oregon 97080.

Jim and MaryLou Devine


Piluso best choice

for commission

I watched the Government Affairs forum on cable TV. It featured the three candidates for the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners. I thought Carla Piluso was the most informed on the issues concerning East County.

We need a strong voice on the commission. I believe Carla Piluso is the best choice for East County.

Gil Hanley


Piluso will take on the issues for East County

From my work with Carla Piluso at the Gresham Police Department, I know she is the best candidate to represent us at the county.

Integrity and a commitment to the community are both needed to serve on the county commission. Carla embodies both of these characteristics. She will serve us well on the commission because of her abilities to work with others, make a plan and see it through. She will take public safety head on and make our neighborhoods safer. Carla Piluso will build the partnerships necessary to turn the county around and make this a better place for us all.

Jana Ince-Carey

Retired Gresham PD


Diane McKeel is the

candidate of choice

Having spent a lifetime in East County, I realize the voters will be faced with an important decision on May 20. We need to elect a person who can represent us as County Commissioner for District 4.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Diane McKeel for many years and in that time have watched her gain experience working both in the public and private sectors. She is willing to listen to her constituents, study the issues and make a decision. Diane has the wide range of skills and contacts needed to do the job. We need action, and Diane is the one who can lead us.

I heartedly endorse Diane McKeel for District 4 County Commissioner.

Bonnie Irwin


Join the Lions Club

to help community

You have the 2007 News Makers of the Year in the Gresham area. The Gresham Breakfast, Gresham Supper and Centennial Lions Clubs hold that distinction because of the outstanding effort Lions made supporting the flood devastated communities in Northwest Oregon. More than 300 tons of supplies we delivered to those communities.

I am inviting citizens who want to be involved in community service to join one of those Lions Clubs. In addition to meeting emergency needs, Lions Clubs traditionally provide eyeglasses and hearing aids, support youth programs, assist the elderly and provide for other community needs.

To join Gresham Breakfast, call Tom Slyter at 503-666-3679. For Gresham Supper, call Leslie Pompel at 503-665-7779. Call Dick Kolh at 503-254-8672 for the Centennial Club. Become a Lion and serve your community.

Jim Jaggers

LCI District 36-0

Lion Clubs International

Oregon City

McKeel will lead

East County well

We are writing in support of Diane McKeel for County Commissioner for District 4. Diane McKeel has a long history as a servant and leader for the people and communities of East County.

Diane's contributions extend from years of service to Mt. Hood Community College and its foundation to the city of Troutdale, the city of Gresham and the local school districts and their students. Diane McKeel will continue this leadership in representing East County's people, businesses and culture as county commissioner for District 4.

Vote for Diane McKeel for County Commissioner.

Robin and Loretta McGregor


Sweetbriar program

says thank you

I volunteer at Sweetbriar Elementary School in Troutdale, in their Publishing House. We encourage all students to write and will publish their books to be housed in the student library until they graduate to middle school. My job is quite rewarding and the students are proud of their achievements.

The reason for my note is to thank Accuprint of Gresham, which so graciously and willingly donate special pads of paper to give to each new author. We are in our third year of publishing students' books at Sweetbriar Elementary School and this is a very tardy thank you. Jeanette greets me each month and gathers the nicer notepads. And I receive a smile from Manager Julie Perkins-Blew, who supports our efforts to encourage young authors.

A special thank you to for all the hard work from other Sweetbriar Volunteers at The Publishing House.

Kate Selmar


McKeel's background makes her best choice

The current District No. 4 Multnomah Commissioner's race is critical to all East County citizens. We need an articulate advocate, someone whose style is not the typical 'Rodney Dangerfield' approach to getting attention. Mayor Shane Bemis, of Gresham, proves that.

My candidate is Diane McKeel. I know and like her major opponent. But Carla is, at the end of the day, a police officer. A commissioner presides over a lot more than police work. The county is one of the largest social service businesses in the state, and it can influence industrial development and jobs, as well.

We need a voice in determining our share of county services and how they are delivered. That takes a business mindset, and that is Diane McKeel's strong point. She can also communicate better with County Chairman Ted Wheeler, who himself has a business background.

We have never had an opportunity like this one to get our problems solved at the county level. Let's get it right! I strongly urge you to vote for Diane McKeel as our next Multnomah County Commissioner.

Jack Horner

Former Gresham City Councilor