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New classes include academic-focused Sherwood Academy and a Girls Inc. class for girls entering sixth and seventh grades
by: Contributed photo, GAME ON —Sherwood High School varsity tennis coach Yuki Sheehan, right, and Isobel Bailey celebrate after a tennis camp during last year’s Summer Institute.

The Sherwood School District is again gearing up for its Summer Institute, offered to elementary through high school students in the district for four weeks this summer.

The Summer Institute is an innovative program designed to meet the needs of all students. Last year, the Summer Institute provided classes to nearly 750 students in the district.

This year, in response to the district's 2020 Visioning Process, the Institute has expanded its offerings. There are now three options available to students: the skill building program; the enrichment program and the new Sherwood Academy.

Skill Building classes are offered to students in grades one through eight who need extra help with basic skills in reading/writing or math. Teachers in these classes keep the ratios small to give personalized attention. First Grade Prep, which gives students an extra boost in the transition from kindergarten to first grade has been a popular Skill Building class in the past.

Enrichment classes are designed by teachers to be fun, high-interest classes for students in grades two through 12. Technology; art; cooperative challenges; chemistry; golf; tennis; dance; chess; music; and sports are just some of the Enrichment classes that have proven popular in the past.

The newly designed Sherwood Academy will provide an extended academic learning opportunity for students in grades four through 12.

Business partnerships and off-site field experiences are available for the Summer Academy classes. Classes offered during the first year of this program include: Mandarin Chinese foreign language for grades three through five and grades five through eight; CPU gaming for grades five through eight; medical school for grades four through seven; robotics for grades two through three and grades four through six; and microbiology for grades four through seven.

The Summer Institute also serves as a registration platform for the district's new transition program, which assists incoming sixth- and ninth-graders making the leap into middle and high school.

Another new class this year is Girls Inc., designed for girls transitioning into sixth or seventh grades. This class will try to change the climate of competition and hostility that arises between girls during these crucial middle school years and teach girls how to handle peer pressure, drama and gossip. This class will meet for two hours each day for two weeks and will cost $100. Visit for more information on this particular class.

Registration for the Summer Institute, which will be held June 23 through July 17, Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., begins Thursday, May 1 and ends Friday, May 23.

Parents should look for registration information to come home with their child very soon, or visit for more information.