Police Log


The Sherwood Police Department received the following reports between Feb. 22 and April 21:

Monday, April 21

• A resident in the 15800 block of Hawk Court reported that someone had smashed a window on her vehicle.

Sunday, April 20

• A man in the 23600 block of Old Highway 99 reported that someone stole the catalytic converter off his 2002 Toyota Tacoma.

Friday, April 18

• A woman in the 22200 block of Washington Street reported finding graffiti in an alley behind a business.

Thursday, April 17

• A man in the 22100 block of Hall Street reported that someone stole a $400 custom-made boat anchor off his boat.

• A woman in the 22000 block of Chesapeake Place reported someone stole her garbage can.

• A woman in the 22000 block of Fletcher Terrace reported that someone stole the catalytic converter off her 1996 Toyota Tacoma.

Wednesday, April 16

• A woman in the 14200 block of McKinley woman reported that someone entered her garage and stole a few items from her vehicle. Reported stolen was a $200 iPod, a $100 cell phone and a cell phone charger.

Sunday, April 13

• A man in the 15600 block of Oregon Street reported that someone had smashed the windshield on his car.

Friday, April 11

• A radar display sign was reported vandalized on Main Street near Railroad Street.

Wednesday, April 2

• A woman at Sherwood High School reported that she had accidentally left her briefcase with computer equipment sitting in the school's parking lot.

When she realized she left it, she turned around and went back to the parking lot about two minutes later. But the bag was gone. She reported that her $800 laptop, $120 power pack and $80 wireless card had been stolen.

• A Sherwood police officer reported that someone had damaged a city light pole in the 16000 block of Railroad Street. The officer has responded to a criminal mischief call. He found that someone had thrown some bricks from the top of a building and damaged the pole.

Tuesday, April 1

• Two residents reported having their catalytic converters stolen off of their Toyota pickup trucks. One person lived in the 22400 block of Sequoia Terrace, and the other resident lived in the 22400 block of Timber Crossing Terrace.

Saturday, March 15

• The store manager at the Sherwood Dollar Tree store on Langer Drive reported that someone had broken into the store. The manager found the front door of the store unlocked and opened when she arrived in the morning.

Police found two cashier teller machines knocked down and a computer monitor knocked over. The manager reported that nothing appeared to have been stolen. The store does not leave money in the cashier teller boxes.

Monday, March 10

• An employee with Erector's Inc. on Galbreath Drive reported that someone stole a $5,000 piece of welding equipment. The 800-pound to 1,000-pound welder was chained to a steel pillar.Friday, Feb. 22

• A man in the 21900 block of Alderidge reported that someone entered his vehicle and stole two $500 measuring lasers, a $99 cell phone and two pairs of Nike sunglasses.

Monday, Feb. 18

• A janitor reported finding that someone had ignited fireworks in the public bathrooms at Sunset Park on Sunset Boulevard. No damage was reported.

Saturday, Feb. 16

• A man in the 16700 block of Stellar Drive reported that someone stole a $50 purse and some personal information from his vehicle.