Thiemann will meet needs of District 52

I am compelled to write this letter supporting Phyllis Thiemann for state representative for District 52 because of the many needs of our district.

District 52 is a diverse district that encompasses three counties and the needs of each part of this district are enormous. Phyllis Thiemann gets it. She is a hard worker, listens, understands and has the ability to get things done for us because of her connections throughout this huge district.

There are needs from public safety, transportation, private property rights, economic issues, education funding and the growing concern over health care.

Recreation and tourism seem to be our future, but the other issues are all part of that and I see Phyllis Thiemann as a person who can tackle these many challenges, look for solutions and has the ability to make our case at the Legislature.

From the Mount Hood area to Hood River there are huge issues surrounding our agriculture economy, which is why AgPac is supporting Phyllis.

From Highway 26 through the mountain area the safety of all citizens is very important and requires constant diligence and oversight. All the issues surrounding the National Scenic Area, the recreation and tourism industry are of great importance to us all across this huge district. Clackamas County is the home to many of our agriculture interests, and they need help.

One of the reasons the Sandy Post has endorsed Phyllis is because she can continue to care for this district as have I.

We need balance, and I see Phyllis Thiemann having that balance and the ability to look at all issues and deliver good, sound, informed decisions.

I ask for you to join me and vote for Phyllis Thiemann when your ballots arrive.


State representative, District 52


Piluso is committed and qualified

I stand behind Carla Piluso for County Commissioner, District 4. She is very committed to doing a good job. I encourage everyone to vote for her since she is so very qualified!



Phyllis Thiemann is tough, will get job done

We need someone representing us who knows where East County is in Oregon. Someone representing us who has the smarts and the toughness we need to represent us in Salem.

Phyllis Thiemann is that person. She is a fighter. She knows that living in this glorious Columbia Gorge carries a whale of a price tag. Much as we all love this Gorge, people, someone still has to clean the toilets, pull the weeds, and keep the blackberries from taking over.

The tourists won't do it, bike riders don't do it, and burnout is high in the volunteer department.

Thiemann is tough. She knows what needs doing and how to get the job done.



McKeel stands out among the rest

East Multnomah County voters will be faced with a very important decision in May - that of electing the person who will represent them as County Commissioner for District 4. One candidate, Diane McKeel, stands out among those who have filed because of her more than thirty years of experience working in and with the private sector.

Why is private sector experience important? Because east county clearly needs an economic 'shot in the arm.' It needs private sector jobs - jobs that pay a living wage. It needs businesses that will invest in the community's infrastructure to make East County a better place in which to live for all of us.

Diane McKeel would bring the wide variety of skills needed to do the job of County Commissioner.

Vote for Diane McKeel in the May Primary!



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