by: David F. Ashton, Oddly, the driver of this vehicle ran off and left his vehicle right where it came to rest. Odd, it was -- because neighbors say he lives only three doors west of the intersection.

Neighbors near the intersection of S.E. 60th Avenue and S.E. Lexington Street are still wondering about the one-car accident that took place there on March 30th.

The vehicle ended up facing westbound in the intersection, after crashing into a utility pole - breaking it in two. So badly damaged was the pole, the power wires were all that held what was left of it aloft.

Interestingly, the driver leapt from the SUV - and then ran from the scene.

That was interesting, because it turns out that he lived just three houses west of the accident scene on S.E. Lexington.

'This guy sure knows how to make a bad night worse,' said a neighbor looking at the damaged truck and pole.

Another neighbor gave us this scenario: 'He peeled out of his driveway, tires skidding on the pavement, heading eastbound on Lexington. He lost control, and the back end slid around and it smashed into the pole on driver's side of his car. Look: The front end isn't damaged, and the headlights are still on.'

Yet another neighbor told THE BEE that the sound of the tires spinning - then the crash - got her out of bed to see what had happened. 'I saw the guy struggling to get out the door of his truck; and then he ran away.'

She added, 'It's really pretty quiet here. Every now and then they'll have quite a few cars in front of that house [where the driver is said to live], but it doesn't get loud. He goes to work every day.'

Speculating amongst themselves, the neighbors suggested the driver may have been intoxicated and didn't want to talk with authorities about his poor driving.

Other than writing up an accident report, however, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman said they didn't conduct an investigation of the crash.

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