Barman 'will work hard on our behalf'

To the Editor:

With the school board election coming up, I am joining the many supporters of Bob Barman for Position No. 5.

I have worked with Bob for years on many different issues. He has always been effective because of his wide range of friends and interests. As a school board member, Bob can be counted on to be available to the public. This is especially important as the community must make tough choices regarding the future of our excellent schools.

I know that Bob will work hard on our behalf to maintain the high quality educational opportunities that our students currently enjoy and that our community expects.

Judie Hammerstad

Lake Oswego

Hammerstad is a former mayor of Lake Oswego

Join in voting for Audrey Monroe

To the Editor:

I am voting for Audrey Monroe for Lake Oswego School Board Position 5.

I have known Audrey for over 15 years and have known her to be very thoughtful and careful in her community roles. Her roles as PTO President, Chair of the Coordinating Council, SAC Committee member, and Consolidation Committee member give her an in-depth understanding of the issues that our schools face today.

In addition, Audrey is the parent of an elementary and junior high student. With three children in elementary school myself, I would like to see the parent perspective of elementary and junior high school students represented on our school board. Audrey would provide an important balance to the board which is currently comprised of only members with children in high school or older.

Most importantly, I recently attended the Candidate Forum hosted by Stand for Children to hear from all the candidates. I listened to the ideas I heard presented by all the candidates, but it was clear to me that Audrey Monroe stands out as being the most qualified. Her grasp of the issues at the forum was very evident.

I encourage you to join me in voting for Audrey Monroe.

Jared Holum

Lake Oswego

Barman 'will be a

champion for all kids'

To the Editor:

I'm the third generation owner of Grimm's Fuel founded in 1929 by my grandfather. I graduated from Lakeridge High School along with my two sons. We have all enjoyed calling Lake Oswego our home. Most things have changed over the decades but not our collective interest in our wonderful schools.

I strongly recommend Bob Barman for the school board because I have had the pleasure of seeing Bob up close for a very long time. Bob was elected twice to represent all 76 service station owners like me on the owner's council. This is a very sensitive job that takes incredible dexterity to get things done. Bob got things done for everyone and made our 76 brand stronger.

On a local issue Bob co-led and united the Palisades and Lakeridge community to finally allow Lakeridge to play all home games at Lakeridge without costing one additional dime.

This was a very large and difficult task that had failed many, many times. I think of my sons in the 90s and my classmates back in the 70s who only dreamed of playing home games.

I trust Bob to be a champion for all the kids in our community.

Mark Grimm

Lake Oswego

Cast your vote for Audrey Monroe

To the Editor:

Audrey Monroe deserves your vote for school board.

Audrey is a proven leader in the schools and the community. She is a successful business owner. She is a parent. She is a consensus builder. The experience and knowledge gained from her background would make Audrey an excellent school board member to ensure Lake Oswego School District continues the tradition of exceptional schools.

I have known Audrey to be prepared, willing to listen, and to make thoughtful and insightful decisions. Audrey knows her decisions will affect not only her kids, but the entire LOSD population and children who will attend our schools in the future. Just as important, Audrey is well aware over 65 percent of households in our community do not have students in the LOSD system, however contribute handsomely to LOSD through taxes and the foundation (thank you!) and have the right to expect their interests are thoughtfully considered in all decisions, too.

Join me in voting for Audrey Monroe.

Chris Miller

Lake Oswego

Barman's a 'voice for innovation'

To the Editor:

We support Bob Barman for the school board because he has a proven record of working to improve our community.

He will bring a hands-on business approach as the owner of a successful chain of gas stations. He has shown that same dedication to our schools. He has shown he can get things done and doesn't get mired in bureaucracy.

Bob is a voice for innovation in a time of limited resources when innovation is most needed. We are particularly impressed with his ideas to develop a volunteer corps to harness the talents of the community.

The success he has achieved is a testament to his dedication and hard work for this community and our schools.

Please join us in voting for Bob Barman because he has demonstrated leadership.

Doug and Traci Greenberg

Lake Oswego

Monroe's just who we need

To the Editor:

I strongly encourage you to join me in voting for Audrey Monroe for Lake Oswego School Board Position 5.

Over the past 20 years I have known Audrey and have seen her demonstrate the skills necessary to be an outstanding school board member. She is a hard worker, she is intelligent and most importantly she cares about our children and our community.

Audrey has consistently shown her commitment to the students of this district through her actions. Not only has she been involved as a parent leader at her children's school, but she has worked diligently to be a part of solutions at the district level. Audrey has a track record of doing the work required to become well informed and has proven her ability to approach issues in an objective and analytical manner. She is precisely the type of decision maker Lake Oswego School District needs.

Please vote for Audrey Monroe.

Brandon Bridwell

Lake Oswego

Barman works to find solutions

To the Editor:

I am pleased to be voting for Bob Barman for the Lake Oswego School District board position 5.

For several years I have observed Bob volunteer his time and talents to help make our elementary, junior high and Lakeridge High schools the exceptional schools they are. He has worked with the teachers and staff to find out their needs and worked to get things accomplished - such as a new computer lab for Waluga Junior High. As PTO president, Bob assembled talented parents to put on a successful Drug and Alcohol Awareness program. And, at Lakeridge, Bob went to great effort to bring football and other sports to the home field.

I am voting for Bob because he works with others to address problems, find the best solution and then execute the solution with the help of teachers, staff and parents. This is the type of leadership we need on our school board.

Please join me in casting your vote for Bob Barman.

Carolyn Pihl

Lake Oswego

Monroe is the best candidate

To the Editor:

I am giving my vote for Lake Oswego School Board Position 5 with great pride and enthusiasm to Audrey Monroe.

Audrey is analytical, collaborative, and informed. Because of hands-on, behind the scenes work she's already been doing for years, Audrey is prepared for the responsibilities she will face as a school board member and has broader context than most.

While she is hard-driving, Audrey is also one of the best listeners I've met. And she proved her objectivity to me when, as a Consolidation Committee member, she came to the difficult decision that Palisades, her children's school, her neighborhood beacon of community, should be one of the schools considered for closure by the board if all else failed. Tough to stand for when you're asking your friends and neighbors to vote for you.

But this is not a popularity contest. This is about the hard work. It's about leaders who have qualities that Audrey possesses in spades and will bring to the existing School Board.

Please read her citizen's view in last week's Lake Oswego Review. See what she stands for. In my experience, she represents herself spot on.

In this time of tough decisions Audrey Monroe is the best candidate.

Kimberly J. Valley

LOSD Foundation Board Member 2008-present

Lake Oswego

'Thanks, Bob, for stepping up'

To the Editor:

Please don't confuse emotion with passion. Bob Barman is passionate about our community and especially our schools. Bob could be out building his business or improving his golf game, but instead he spends his free time focusing on the needs of our schools. Teachers, students, administrators, and our community have all benefited from his efforts.

When Bob sees a need he jumps on board: This includes working with Paul Shearer to bring needed technology to Waluga and Lakeridge, working with the community to allow football games to be played at Lakeridge, and educating parents regarding teen drug and alcohol use. Bob has gained valuable experience by holding numerous leadership positions within the school district but he goes a step further. Bob creates community and he regularly reaches out to people to gather perspective and valuable insight.

Not only do we need school board members with established credentials, but we also need school board members who are willing to reach out and listen to the community. Thanks, Bob, for stepping up.

Trina Soder

Lake Oswego

Barman understands our schools

To the Editor:

Two things really differentiate Bob Barman from the other candidates for Position 5 on the School Board: His level of volunteerism in the classroom during school hours and his record of accomplishments for our schools.

As Bob grew his personal business from a single service station to a chain of 17 stations, he delegated more and more of the day to day operations to two general managers. Bob chose to use his newly found 'spare time' to volunteer in our schools. He spent his volunteer time actually in the classrooms, sometimes four or five days a week, always coupling needs learned in the classroom with actions parents could tackle in the evenings.

He learned a big issue at Lakeridge was the lack of a home field for any of the Lakeridge field sports like football or soccer. Solving that problem required Bob first successfully winning a seat on the Palisades Neighborhood Association Board, so he could have a voice in changing a 30-year-old policy. Bob understands the needs of our schools because he has seen them first hand in the classroom and he has record of actually turning those needs into accomplishments.

Please join us in voting for Bob.

Dave and Marilyn Schulz

Lake Oswego

'We're all the same community'

To the Editor:

I can only shake my head in dejected wonder at how 'We the People' have somehow devolved to 'Build Your Own Bridge, Buddy.'

First: it's Five dollars. It strains arguing for the principle of a thing, when the principle can't buy a combo meal.

Second: The no forces warn that this is just the start; more fees are coming! OK, and you'll probably force a vote on that one too. Slippery slope? For five bucks I'm not even on the sled yet.

Third: The chance that your bridge trip either started or ended in Clackamas is about 70 percent. So let's not kid ourselves about whether we should feel partly responsible.

The depressing parochialism expressed in the sentiment against 3-372 is like a West Linn resident refusing to help raise a Lake Oswego neighbor's roof because, hey-let him build his own roof! It's unneighborly, counterproductive to a strong society.

The next time a Clackamas resident's house is on fire and the local fire district is on another call, we'll tell Portland Fire not to bother coming to offer automatic aid anymore. Should save some Multnomah resident way more than $5.

We're all the same community. Let's act like one.

Mark Bunster

Lake Oswego

My take on the Stafford Hamlet

To the Editor:

The Stafford Hamlet took a straw poll at last month's town hall meeting to determine if Metro should study the Hamlet in sections (as per the Borland Road Neighborhood Association request).

Of the 60 people in attendance, 27 people felt the hamlet should be studied as a whole, rather than in sections when we reach that point in our community planning process that such studies are required.

Consequently, when the hamlet is ready for a full Urban Growth Boundary study, the hamlet's board request to Metro will be to study everything or nothing. That the press or Metro or anyone at the county could misinterpret this straw poll and the tally of only 27 people as any kind of consensus or significant support for a full UGB study of Stafford at this time is nothing short of delusional.

I do, however, see something in this small sampling of 27 people that I believe is really noteworthy, something that Metro, the press and our county leaders seem to have overlooked.

Folks, let's put this sampling of 27 people in proper perspective: 28,000 people live in West Linn, 35,000 live in Lake Oswego, 750 people live in the hamlet. My friends, these are the numbers that really should matter to Metro and Clackamas County.

The vast majority of our neighbors would be thrilled if no urban development ever occurred in the hamlet. So the question then becomes the same bewildering question we have had for the last 15 years. Should Metro and the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners ignore the best wishes of the 63,750 residents in this region who wish to see North Stafford's rural character preserved? Or, should they instead serve self-serving interests of the 27 people who wish to profit by developing Stafford?

Dave Adams

Stafford Hamlet

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