Everybodys Garden Center moves south; now near Brooklyn

by: Rita A. Leonard, At “Everybody’s Garden Center”, sales associate Katie holds a sample of the company’s top-selling plant nutrient, “Golden Grow”, manufactured there for over 20 years.

'Everybody's Garden Center', a long established business at 519 S.E. Main Street, has moved south to a location near the Brooklyn neighborhood just in time for the 2008 growing season. The business has consolidated its year-round indoor/outdoor gardening supplies operation, and moved to a new and larger site at 2701 S.E. 14th Avenue, three blocks north of Powell. The retail store is open seven days a week, specializing in gardening, hydroponics, and organic and pond supplies.

The co-owners are Dan Johnson and Rajim Pursifull, who have a staff of five. They boast of an inventory that ranges from grow lights and trellises to praying mantis eggs. Hydroponic supplies and growth medium are displayed next to bags of planting mix and plant nutrient supplements. Recirculating fountain supplies enhance an indoor hothouse area, featuring vegetable starts, air plants, and a large terrarium. Pumps and plastic rain barrels are available for gardeners who practice water conservation.

'Hydroponics have become so popular that some high schools and even Clark College in Vancouver have courses on the subject,' says Johnson.

Across the showroom, gardening books, videos, posters, gloves and sunblock mingle with trellis netting, propagation aids, and soil testing tools. A large suppy of books include topics about indoor gardening, bonsai, worm culture, herbs, carnivorous plants, and urban sanctuaries - similar to the one in front of Llewellyn School that is certified as a Schoolyard Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

A variety of fungicides, pesticides, and sprayers are displayed along with deer and mosquito repellant. The company also carries products to discourage moss, algae, slugs, and household pets. Containers of all sizes, grow lights, timers, switches, and pH monitors are displayed about the premises, and hand tools, weed control fabric, and long-handled gardening tools are also available. Seeds, bulbs and fertilizers fill out the mix.

'We manufacture many of our products,' reveals Johnson. 'Hydroponics has evolved into a useful form of gardening for nearly everyone, from the urban city dweller who wants fresh herbs for cooking, to the specialty orchid grower and commercial produce grower. We're happy to help you choose the right hydroponic system for your needs, and offer many organic nutrients, additives and soil conditioners.'

'We're currently planning the reconstruction of our indoor koi pool,' adds Katie, a cheerful sales associate. 'Many of our clients come from the Sellwood/Westmoreland area,' she continues. 'We specialize mostly in food crop gardening, and cater to people who want to know and understand where their organic food is coming from.'

Everybody's Garden Center is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6:30 pm, 10-5 on Saturday, and 11-5 on Sunday. They're online at: www.egc1.com, and their telephone number is 503/231-1582.