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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter due to a land-use application and proposed high-density, 84-lot sub-division being requested in my Oregon City neighborhood on Thayer Road. This will be discussed at the May 19 meeting of the Oregon City Planning Division being held at City Hall, 320 Warner-Milne Road. (Public is welcome). Written comments must be received by May 7 at City Hall to be included in the staff report.

The proposal is yet one more unnecessary subdivision to which the Oregon City residents are being subjected. There are multiple reasons why I believe this development and others like it are a poor decision. The very reasons we chose to settle in this part of the county is to embrace the natural environment and quality of life attributes that exemplify rural Clackamas County. In addition to impacting the quality of life of the current taxpayers, there is the important element of environmental stewardship. We are increasingly losing valuable wildlife habitat and the small, welcome buffers between urbanized spaces. These small buffers have a powerful optimistic effect on the way adults and children perceive the community and the broader world. To live in an environment where we can experience small vestiges of nature in our daily lives leads to fresh air, exercise, stress relief and harmony.

The great state of Oregon prides itself on its natural beauty and reverence for the environment. Yet the Portland metropolitan area is incessantly moving toward urban sprawl, one small, short-sighted project at a time. Everyone will share the responsibility and the infrastructure cost of converting our green spaces to urban spaces. Losing these small urban habitat areas is bad for the environment and bad for human physical and mental health.

Furthermore, if the county desires property tax revenues from future homeowners, is there some reason that those homeowners cannot occupy the glut of quality homes already on the real estate market? It is plainly uneconomical and a poor use of precious natural resources to denude the landscape and build an expanse of new homes when there are already abundant numbers of quality, reasonably priced homes available in the vicinity. We do not need to sacrifice our interior habitats for the sake of further stagnating the inventory of existing residential properties in the city and county.

Deb Johnson

Hillary shows 'strength,' 'fortitude'

To the Editor:

I am a registered nurse who was disabled in an auto accident in a foreign country. I worked in a hospital for 18 years and can no longer afford to go to one. I am now living on a wing and a prayer like millions of other Americans.

The number one factor for surviving cancer is whether or not the person has health insurance. Take a look around your family and friends; could this be a life-or-death election for someone you love? If your parents lose their home, you could lose your inheritance. Hillary is an expert on both health care and education like Al Gore is to the environment. We cannot afford another huge mistake.

When Hillary was first lady in Little Rock she helped pass legislation to improve the ailing state school system and extend education for four-year-olds. This hit the big boys in Arkansas right where it hurt them most, in their pocket books. Their hatred of her became vitriolic, they formed a Republican committee to taint and discredit her image.

While our homeless veterans and mentally ill are eating out of garbage cans to survive, right wing conservatives have spent millions to billions duping hard working Americans to vote time and again with the wealthy. Newt Gingrich suggested to Rush Limbaugh and other mean-spirited conservatives to repeat 'words' like sick, pathetic, welfare, crisis, traitor, cheat, steal, bizarre and radical over and over to brainwash their audience. Let's not forget that during this time Newt was having an affair and served his wife divorce papers while she was recovering from an illness in a hospital. Is it any wonder that depression is an epidemic in this country? Read Molly Ivins' Book 'Who Let the Dogs in?'

Around 200 years ago it was a rarity for a woman to be able to read and write. One-hundred-and-eight years ago a woman could not own her own Home. Eighty-eight years ago a woman could not vote. This was my grandmothers' generation; they could only dream

What woman is behind Hillary who has her strength and fortitude? There is a very good possibility that we won't have a woman president in my lifetime if she can't do this. Won't Barack Obama still be a young man in eight years after he gets more much-needed experience?

Margaret Parypa

Lehan the right choice for 4

To the editor:

Charlotte Lehan is running for Position #4 on our newly expanded Board of County Commissioners. I strongly support her for this position, and here's why:

• Charlotte is the real deal. What you see is what you get, unlike so many other politicians around. She is unpretentious, smart, experienced, and practical.

• Charlotte is not ambitious. She believes in public service, and got into public life trying to protect a large piece of land in Wilsonville as a park. She will be strong in protecting the environment, and supports the Urban Green initiative for a tree conservation ordinance for the unincorporated urban areas of Clackamas County. Wilsonville, under her leadership, is a Tree City USA city.

• As mayor of Wilsonville for the past 12 years, she has been unflinching in her willingness to take on hard issues and to provide leadership in their solutions. She doesn't dither around like some others; she actually is solution oriented. We need that on the board for all kinds of reasons.

• Wilsonville has seen some of the greatest growth in our county. Charlotte has been able to help manage that growth at the same time as she has preserved her community's livability. She knows how to do this, and isn't afraid to say 'no' when it's needed; something we also need on the board.

I encourage everyone to check out her website at if you have any questions, and vote for her for Position # 4.

Susan Shawn

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