Kroger well-suited for attorney general

As an elementary school teacher I am very interested in voting for candidates who support children, families and education. Recently I was able to hear both candidates give a speech and answer audience questions.

I was most impressed with John Kroger who is determined to be Oregon's next attorney general. In fact, the school organization I belong to, the Oregon Education Association, has recommended John Kroger as Oregon's next attorney general.

John Kroger is currently a professor at Lewis and Clark Law School. He is a former prosecutor who jailed mafia killers and took on Enron executives. I particularly like his goal to make sure every single-parent household in the state gets the child support to which they deserve. It is most relevant to my job as a teacher.

If children can get the financial support they need at home they can come to school ready to learn. Also, his goal to improve drug prevention and treatment programs will contribute to a more successful school experience for children. Since meth addiction is the number-one cause of child abuse, John Kroger will enact programs to keep children safe. This will also ensure that more students come to school ready to learn.

Since the office for Oregon's Attorney General will be decided in the primary election, it is imperative that you cast a vote for this office on your May ballot.

I highly encourage you to vote for John Kroger. To research more information on John Kroger's plans to make Oregon an even better place to live, please visit

Viki Mulick


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