Nicole Delaney keeps coming back to the business of children's clothes
by: Kristen Forbes, Beaverton’s Nicole Delaney loves working at Baby to Baby and sees resale as an easy way to join the green movement and help the environment.

Southern California native Nicole Delaney thinks a lot of fuss has been made about the rain in the Portland area.

'I think that people play it up worse than it is,' says Delaney, who now resides in Beaverton. 'It rains in Southern California too!'

Delaney, who moved to Oregon about a year ago with her fiancé, is happy with their decision to come here. She now lives close to her mom and is discovering what the Portland area has to offer.

'I'm going to stay here, raise a family,' she says. 'It's just a nice atmosphere. The people are really friendly here, and I haven't run into anyone negative.'

Many of the people she meets are moms and children - Delaney works at Baby to Baby, a children's resale store in Beaverton. The store recently moved from its Beaverton Hillsdale Highway location to 8685 S.W. Canyon Road.

'People bring their clothes in, and we put them on our floor for about three months,' Delaney explains. 'Then they get 40 percent of what the item sells for. It's all consignment. It's fun. It's recycled clothing, so it's definitely part of the whole 'going green and trying not to fill up our lands' movement.'

Beyond baby clothing, the store also resells maternity wear, toys, strollers, furniture and nursery items. A second store is located in Salem. The store's Web site is

Delaney says her job can be a lot of work - it's easy to get backed up when people are continuously bringing in lots of items. Everything in the store is categorized by size, type and gender. New items are put on the floor within two days of being brought in.

Still, she says, it's a fun, easy-going job. Most of her clientele is repeat customers she now considers her friends. The kids who come in sometimes draw her pictures and make her smile. She tries to give them candy and make them feel special in return.

Delaney, who recently turned 21, says she is now trying out the Portland bar scene. Her fiancé is a musician and she often watches his shows. The two plan on marrying in Southern California sometime next year.

Delaney is planning on visiting her sister in West Virginia this summer, but otherwise is happy to stay put in Beaverton.

'I prefer Beaverton over Portland because I don't have to parallel park,' Delaney jokes. 'But I also like how it has a community feel to it. The moms come in here and it just seems like they always know each other.'

Delaney has always worked in the baby and children's industry but says it's a career path that just happened, rather than being meditated.

'I kind of got thrown into it when I was younger,' Delaney says. 'I started at a children's store, and I just started loving the job.'

Of all the places she's worked, she says that Baby to Baby 'is the best job.' The moms who come in are always patient, and the kids are sweet, Delaney says. She also sees resale as important and necessary for the environment - especially right now, when going green is becoming such a huge trend.

Baby to Baby has been in Beaverton for eight years. Hours are 10 to 5, Monday through Saturday and 11 to 4 on Sundays. Consignment hours are 11 to 4, Monday through Friday. The phone number is 503-296-6055.

(Kristen Forbes is a freelance writer living in Tigard. To view her blog, visit

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