Letters to the Editor for May 1


Doyle is a thoughtful decision-maker

I was the Beaverton city recorder for nearly eight years, from late 1993 until the fall of 2001. During that time, I worked closely with Mayor Rob Drake and his chief of staff, as well as staff in all city departments.

As the city recorder, I worked with all of the councilors on a regular basis, regarding issues before the City Council, responding to their questions, requests for information, etc.

During those years, I had many opportunities to interact with Councilor Dennis Doyle, and observed him at work for the citizens of Beaverton. Mr. Doyle is a dedicated member of the council and has a strong commitment to acting in the best interests of the people who have elected him. He always studied the issues before the council, asked thoughtful questions, researched the issues and was open to discussing those issues with those who would be most impacted on both sides of the issue.

I often witnessed the council labor over a decision when the audience was clearly divided, and sometimes there were citizens who were angry and upset, but the decision had to be made. My observation was that Councilor Doyle was a thorough, thoughtful and attentive decision-maker.

Dennis Doyle is a businessman, and looks at issues from that perspective, looking at the fiscal impact on the city's budget, council goals and long-term vision. That perspective has always been important in government, but has not always been the priority.

I believe it will be in the best interest of the citizens of Beaverton to have Dennis Doyle's long-term commitment, dedication to the city, and his business experience, leading the city of Beaverton in the coming years.

If I still lived there, Dennis Doyle would get my vote for mayor of the city of Beaverton.


Loyalton, Calif.

Beaverton needs a new mayor

Mayor Rob Drake's multi-million dollar waste of Beaverton taxpayer dollars and property makes his record irrelevant.

Drake gave the Round site, appraised at $2.7 million, to the first developer without charge. Drake did not demand proof of financing for the $100 million project. To the city's embarrassment, the developer never had financing. The city received the incomplete project through bankruptcy. Drake accepted the developer's inadequate $250,000 bond.

The incomplete site included infrastructure and an incomplete building containing ground-floor retail space and two floors of 'condo' units or apartments.

After the first bankruptcy, Drake sold the site and the incomplete building to a second developer for $1.9 million. That was less than the site's $2.7 million appraised value.

Drake spent $1.2 million plus engineering fees to build a public street on the site, then vacated the street and street right-of-way for the benefit of the second developer. To my knowledge, the second developer did not pay for the vacated street.

The second developer did not complete the revised project and was replaced by a third developer. Buildings that were long scheduled for construction are yet to be built. Drake does not claim the Round is a success; it is not.

About a decade ago, I used the Oregon Public Records Law to request Round cost documents. No documents were produced. Instead, I received a letter claiming the city spent $6 million on the project. It did not state whether the estimate included the $2.7 million appraised value of the site. A city employee recently said the Round cost was $15.9 million.

A private sector executive responsible for bungling the Round project would be discharged for incompetence.

Drake's law-breaking refusal to obey the public records law in the Nike document scandal disgraced him. He cost Beaverton taxpayers a $900,000 court judgment plus hundreds of thousands more dollars for a private attorney and other defense costs.

Beaverton needs a new mayor and a more open government.



Drake will help keep Beaverton the best

I am voting for Rob Drake for mayor of Beaverton. My reasons for supporting Rob Drake are:

  • Rob has held executive positions in private industry and has run our city government with several hundred employees extremely well. Rob Drake has represented we, the taxpayers, in union negotiations that cost him the endorsements from the Public Employees Union and the police union.
  • Dennis Doyle is a one-man company with no experience running a big business, which is required of the mayor of Beaverton.
  • Rob Drake started the visioning programs currently taking place in our city and has made City Hall more open to the public than ever before.
  • Rob Drake returns all phone calls with the information requested by city residents.
  • Dennis Doyle only indicated he will do the same things Rob Drake has already started. Let Rob Drake finish his outstanding programs.
  • Rob Drake does not vote on any council matters except when he is needed to break a tie.
  • Dennis Doyle has many years on City Council. He has voted on and had the opportunity to do things he now says he wants to change.

I say keep Beaverton the best - vote for Rob Drake for mayor.



We need to protect Oregon's children

We need an attorney general willing to protect the children of this state.

On March 30, the Oregon Department of Justice filed an amicus brief with the Oregon Supreme Court defending the right to steal child support from families. The attorney general should punish these child abusers, not defend them.

The new attorney general should promise to perform the simple task of enforcing a court order that provides critical support for our children.


Cedar Hills

Nike deserves apology for unfair statements

I would like to apologize to Nike for Barbara Wilson's comments in her letter to the editor to the Beaverton Valley Times on April 17 ('Irked that Nike is meddling in elections'). In it Ms. Wilson not only took Nike to task for 'voraciously' fighting annexation by the city of Beaverton, but also for having the 'temerity' to influence city elections. Further she stated, 'Nike doesn't want to be partners with us to build a better city.'

The annexation issue is history. The city of Beaverton tried to annex Nike's property and Nike said no thank you. The city of Beaverton then tried to force annexation on Nike and Nike responded with a legal no thank you. The city of Beaverton was the moving party in the annexation case and it was the arrogance of Beaverton's leadership that left the residents with a humongous legal bill. Nike stood up for its legal rights and won. The city of Beaverton, and its imperialist approach to annexation, lost.

I do think Nike wants to partner with the surrounding communities to make our area a better place to live. Nike contributes tremendously to our local economy. Nike motivates employees to contribute volunteer time to schools and neighborhood programs. Nike provides matching cash contributions to organizations when their employees provide community service. Nike donates cash, athletic equipment and apparel to many of our local sports and other programs. They are indeed a good neighbor and citizen.

Freedom of speech gives Ms. Wilson the right to express her opinions. Nike has the right to express its opinions as well. Thank goodness we are in a country that provides us those rights.

I just wanted to send an apology to Nike for what Ms. Wilson stated, because I view Nike as a tremendous neighbor and partner in our community.



Keep Drake in charge, continue city's success

I'm voting for Rob Drake to continue as mayor of Beaverton. Mayor Drake has guided Beaverton's challenging evolution from a sleepy suburb of Portland to a city that stands on its own as a leader in the region, with its own self-determined identity. He has earned the opportunity to continue that fine work.

Rob Drake has been the public voice of the city across the county, region, state, and in Washington, D.C., raising our visibility and standing to bring in partnerships and funding for our civic development, and showing others how to implement the innovative programs his administration has established here.

Rob Drake has also been the successful CEO of a 450-person government which is as enthusiastic, responsive and professional as any you'll find in our state. Phone calls to city departments yield prompt and accurate information or action. City livability code is detailed and enforced.

Our police department is second to none. Our garbage and recycling programs are innovative, and our rates are lower than those of our neighbors.

Public involvement opportunities are many and meaningful. The city builds sidewalks, plants trees, cleans up parks and streams, and works hard to make this a great place to live. Rob Drake has made sure these are all priorities for Beaverton.

The best way to maintain Beaverton's success as a growing city is to keep Rob Drake in charge. Please give him your vote in May.


Member, Beaverton Planning Commission

Member, Beaverton Committee for Citizen Involvement