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In the race for Beaverton City Council Position 3, we think it is time for voters to ask more of current City Councilor Cathy Stanton before taking more than a bit of risk by electing political newcomer Jason Ridge.

Ridge, a resident of Murrayhill for the past seven years and a two-year member of the city's Board of Design Review, is a relative novice in campaigning against three-term incumbent Stanton, who joined the council in 1994.

Stanton has energetically and dutifully served Beaverton citizens as the council's dogged stickler on the many small details of city hall. She admits a passion for infrastructure, including water pipes and road projects, as well as an interest in budget and contract details. She comes to council meetings prepared, having fully read her council packet, including the small print. She also is an accessible city councilor, regularly attends meetings of civic and business organizations, and represents the council on boards that govern youth activities and a regional homeless shelter for families.

But it's time for Stanton to be a bigger picture thinker than her penchant for the 'nits and the nats' of city hall seemingly allows.

We like Ridge's freshness and desire for moving Beaverton forward. He wants the city to engage citizens even more than it has. He wants the city to complete important projects such as The Round and prudently undertake new ones, such as the Westgate redevelopment project and a conceptual civic center, while still allowing Beaverton to be a community with a small-town feel. He wants councilors and city staff to consider how the many things that the city does fit together with its plans for the future.

But unfortunately Ridge doesn't offer much in the way of specifics as to how these things should happen. We encourage him to continue his community involvement and build on his civic experience.

We like Stanton and appreciate her past service and contributions. But we expect more from her if she is re-elected than a dogged interest in details of limited importance. It's time for more vision and a willingness to push the city forward to achieve new things.

In the May 20 vote-by-mail election, vote for Cathy Stanton for Beaverton City Council Position 3.

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