Winter snow takes a bite out of summer recreation

Skibowl mountain bike event moved to Washington

A winter of heavy snow may have brought a banner year for skiers, snowboarders and others who took advantage of the heavy snowfall, but those who wait for summer recreation to start on the mountain may have to wait a little longer.

A downhill mountain bike event scheduled to be at Mt. Hood Skibowl on Saturday, May 3, had to be moved to Port Angeles, Wash., according to Greg Aldrich of Hurricane Racing.

'It's the first time we've had to go to a whole other location,' said Aldrich, noting that the snowpack at the course on Skibowl is still six-feet deep.

Skibowl has also planned on performing manual snow removal at the end of May in preparation for summer activities. While the activities have opened as early as Memorial Day in past years, Skibowl is targeting the week of July 4 for the opening of the summer season, which includes Indy karts, a sky chair, a bungee tower, a trampoline slingshot, a mountain bike park and minigolf

'This is definitely uncharted territory,' said Karen Norton of Mt. Hood Skibowl, of the need to remove snow before summer.

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