Letters to the Editor for May 3


East County needs Carla Piluso on board

A proven leader, no scandals, unquestionable assurance of who is in command, a visible well-directed police force, new police quarters in Rockwood, traffic control, drug busts, good response to family disputes and support of Snow-CAP and other human resource projects.

These are just a few of the qualifications of Carla Piluso.

Nearly all letters, which appear in our local media, are from people who have worked with Diane McKeel. Not one of these has mentioned 'a conflict of interest,' which lurks in the background. McKeel's husband, Mike McKeel, is a recognized builder.

That presents one serious question that McKeel has yet to address. Will she, as county commissioner, be willing to recuse herself whenever the vote in question could possibly benefit her husband and his associates?

Carla Piluso has served East County residents faithfully for many years. Because of her good judgment, common sense and ability to lead, we the people are the fortunate recipients of her accomplishments.

Piluso will undoubtedly carry on with her knowledge and experience to serve as our county commissioner. I urge you to cast your vote for Carla Piluso. We need her in this position.

Leo Larsen


McKeel best candidate for county commission

Diane McKeel has spent years helping to create a business-friendly environment in the Gresham-Troutdale area. And she has lived in East County most of her life, so she understands our community. That experience and that knowledge, plus her personal relationship-building skills, make her the ideal candidate to represent Multnomah County Commission District No. 4.

Diane will make it happen as county commissioner. Vote Diane McKeel in the May primary election.

Toni Stanhope


McKeel would bring businesses to area

East Multnomah County has a lot of ground that could be developed to attract quality companies and create jobs. As county commissioner, Diane McKeel will have the connections needed to persuade good businesses to settle in this area. I know she would pursue businesses whose products or services would not harm our environment.

Diane would work hard to balance good development and environment.

Ken Cahill


Thiemann is visionary leader needed here

Oregon voters in District 52 have a unique opportunity to elect a visionary leader to the state assembly. I have had the privilege of knowing Phyllis Thiemann during the last four years, and she has impressed me not only with her extensive knowledge of issues facing the state of Oregon, but also with her character, integrity and boundless energy to take on new challenges.

As a resident and business owner in Corbett, Phyllis has developed a profound understanding of issues concerning tourism, economic development and the citizens of the Columbia River Gorge area. I believe that she will bring to Salem a balanced and informed perspective and will effectively work with both parties to achieve workable solutions to complex issues, which are currently gridlocked by bipartisan bickering. If you are truly interested in a candidate with fresh ideas who will listen to you and represent your interests, I strongly encourage you to consider voting for Phyllis Thiemann for state assembly.

George Humphreys

Washougal, Wash.

Piluso will be up to the task at the county

I have concerns about the upcoming election for our East County commissioner. I like Diane McKeel personally, but her Voters' Pamphlet resume shows only limited experience with Multnomah County, i.e., being on the Library Advisory Board.

She promises to revitalize East County by attracting companies to build in East County. The only land the county has jurisdiction over is Sauvie Island, West Hills and land on the east side of the Sandy River to Warrenton, much of which is controlled by the Columbia Gorge Commission. There will be no companies coming to any of that land.

And even if all that land suddenly changed to commercial or industrial uses, wouldn't it be a conflict of interest for Diane because her husband Mike McKeel is in the development business? For example, I always declared a conflict of interest and never voted on anything that was located close to McRobert Motor Company.

Last but certainly not least, is her lack of financial support from East County residents. A campaign that is only financed by her husband ($57,000) may be loud and everywhere, but I would be more impressed if it was 1,000 contributions for $57.

Diane McKeel, in spite of being a very nice person, would have a steep and long learning curve to get up to speed on county issues.

Carla Piluso, on the other hand, will be up to the task on Day 1 because of her years of volunteer work on a long list of boards and commissions that worked with various Multnomah County departments. She knows what works and doesn't work. Because of her many years serving in the Gresham Police Department, she is knowledgeable about the county's role in patrol, community corrections and corrections (jail). Please consider joining me to elect Carla Piluso as our next county commissioner.

Gussie McRobert


Carla Piluso should be the next commissioner

So often political candidates talk about economic development and the creation of jobs that pay well. It is a very easy promise to make, but very difficult to accomplish. In order to attract more companies with family-wage jobs to East Multnomah County, it is imperative that we elect officials who can effectively tackle the problems we face as a result of rising poverty in this area - homelessness, families and children at risk and rising crime.

No matter how many incentives our city or county government may use to encourage executives to choose to move their companies here, the reality is that few companies will move to an area those executives perceive to be unsafe. This is why I firmly believe that Carla Piluso's long experience in law enforcement and her many years volunteering with organizations such as Human Solutions and the Police Activities League are so valuable in a future job as county commissioner. These types of organizations work directly with the homeless, the impoverished and those at risk to lead lives of crime. Carla's work in law enforcement and her many hours of dedication to fight poverty and reduce crime in East Multnomah County have given her the insight and firsthand experience to make the right decisions for our future in East Multnomah County.

Carla has the most relevant experience to be our next county commissioner and she knows what East County needs. She will work to make Multnomah County a safer community, and thus healthier community that will attract higher paying jobs.

Hiroshi Morihara


Refreshing, committed to rural Oregon

It is always refreshing to find a community member who is willing to serve as an elected official and dedicate their time to help make our rural communities a better place to live.

I met Phyllis Thiemann a few years ago at a meeting in which she was engaging to help remove drug crime in the Corbett community and restore their quality of life. I found that Thiemann doesn't put her head in the sand on issues, but rather likes to think that there are solutions to community problems that we can solve together.

Thiemann running for House District 52 is a reflection of her ability to put her ideas and leadership skills to work on behalf of rural Oregonians. I get the sense that Thiemann will be committed to learning from those in her district what the major concerns are rather than coming with her own agenda. A better candidate from my perspective is someone who can blend those concerns with the needs of the district and make it work in Salem.

Since most of District 52 is made up of small businesses, Thiemann's expertise as a small business owner will bring a partnership approach to the concerns of other small businesses in the district. Qualifications are not measured by experience, but rather by a candidate's ability to hear the people, work on behalf of the people, share their visions with the people and bring a bi-partisan approach in Salem to see that the work of the people is accomplished.

Thiemann is refreshing, committed and dedicated to tourism and highway safety and has an open mind. She knows that as problems arise in a district, you have to be flexible and take a hands-on-approach. I cast my vote for those who don't pretend to have all the answers but rather have an ability to serve the district in a way that is realistic.

Shirley Morgan