Listen to Kids' fundraiser is scheduled for May 19

To the Editor:

'LTK efforts paid off when one of our preschool mothers came to my office in crisis. Her daughter had just disclosed sexual abuse. Because of your presentation, she knew she could come to us for help. Your work paved the way for advocacy and support as this family moves through the whole process.'

- Janis Sabin Elliot, PhD Sabin Skills Center

It is stories like the one above that attracted me to Listen To Kids.

Last month was Child Abuse Prevention month, but we should be thinking about the safety of children all year round. Listen To Kids gives children life skills to prevent violence and to keep themselves safe, in school, at home and into the future. As a caring adult, I cannot hold each child's hand through his or her challenging situations. By supporting Listen To Kids I know that I help many children build skills to face hard times with the confidence to tell a safe adult and to keep telling until they help.

Listen To Kids teaches children they have the right to be safe, to trust their feelings and to tell safe adults when they need help. The Kids Can and Families and Feelings programs teach parents, caregivers and teachers how to listen to children, to identify abuse indicators and how to respond appropriately. The Parent-Child Involvement Project provides parents and children leaving domestic violence situations emotional support, parenting education, development guidance, advocacy, and assistance in creating safe and stable homes.

The reality is that one out of every four children in Oregon lives in a home where violence occurs, and almost as many will be molested before their 18th birthday. Our children's safety is in jeopardy and we can do something to help right now. Listen To Kids is hosting their annual fundraising event on Thursday May 19 at the Melody ballroom from 6 to 9 p.m. See their website at for more information.

Susan Rech


Here's a deal on Sellwood Bridge

To the Editor:

County officials are encouraging Lake Oswego residents to vote for Measure 3-372 which assesses a $5 fee/year on each county-registered vehicle.

For years anyone living within the Lake Oswego city limits has been assessed a monthly street maintenance fee even though a significant percentage of city street users don't live in (or anywhere near) Lake Oswego, and don't pay these fees.

Here's a fair deal: I'll support the Sellwood Bridge project if the county starts assessing all county residents the same street maintenance fee that Lake Oswego residents pay. This is just as rational a proposition as the arguments put forth by Measure 3-372 supporters. At least the money would all stay within the county, which won't be the case under 3-372.

I, for one, am tired of fees being assessed for issues that should be covered by property taxes.

Jack Carter

Lake Oswego

Doctors Express issues response

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to Mr. Bennett who wrote a letter to the editor in the April 28 edition of the Review regarding the newspaper's story on the newly opened Doctors Express of Lake Oswego:

Doctors Express Centers nationally utilize both nurse practitioners and physician assistants as part of a model that emphasizes efficiency of care and affordability. However, this is in conjunction with the collaboration of a physician at all times. This is what is meant in the (Review's) article by the statement that a patient will be seen by a physician and 'not just a PA or NP' - that is, not exclusively a PA or NP. The philosophy behind this stems from an idea that you mention in your response - namely that the presence of a physician can add to the comprehensiveness of care by freeing up the physician to focus on unusual cases, or cases for which the physician may have a certain level of expertise. At the Lake Oswego center, we have taken this philosophy a step further by ensuring that every patient is actually examined by a physician.

In terms of cost containment, it is true that the use of nurse practitioners is one method used at many urgent care centers. However, at Lake Oswego we have chosen not to utilize this particular method. Because we believe that the physical presence of a physician at the center adds value in terms of unusual and/or emergent case management, we are instead employing physicians alone, as opposed to employing both a physician and nurse practitioner. This is not because we believe that nurse practitioners are a lower quality substitute for a physician, but because employing a physician alone actually leads to a cost reduction for the patient, when compared to employing both a physician and nurse practitioner. This is our method of integrating comprehensiveness of care with affordability.

Kelly Leaf, MD

Medical Director

Doctors Express of Lake Oswego

Monroe deserves your vote

To the Editor:

Audrey Monroe is our choice for position 5 on the school board for many reasons. First of all, Audrey is someone we respect and trust to make sound decisions for the future of Lake Oswego schools. We are in tough times, and we need someone who has an extensive understanding about school issues that could only have been acquired through extensive study and involvement.

Audrey has served on her school PTO, LOSD foundation, school advisory board and various other local committees that has given her an invaluable insight into what needs to be done to take our schools in the right direction.

Audrey also has younger children in the Lake Oswego school system, which is an important perspective in these difficult times. We have three younger children, and we want someone making decisions who is looking at the long term, not just the here and now.

Please join us in voting for Audrey Monroe, as we strongly feel she is the best candidate for position 5.

Derek and Nicole Dukart

Westridge Elementary School parents

Lake Oswego

Barman is right candidate

To the Editor:

We are most fortunate to have three terrific candidates running for our Lake Oswego School Board Position 5. We are displaying a Bob Barman sign in our yard, given the fact that he is most qualified.

Bottom line, it does make a difference in life experience, perspective and humility gained by parenting a high school kid or two. Given our school district's potential future cost-cutting scenarios, it is imperative that our school board members have that deeper broader perspective. Bob is the only candidate with high school students. I am impressed by Bob's thoughtfulness, tenacity and business acumen.

As a community, we can count on Bob Barman to be a strong advocate for the schools at every level, to be financially prudent yet creative, and to be a 'big picture guy.' I fervently hope that the other two candidates run again down the road. For right now, however, we need Bob.

Michelle Dorman

Lake Oswego

Monroe: 'Right person for job'

To the Editor:

Audrey Monroe is the person for the job. This is her job interview and we are the potential employers. I have watched and listened to Audrey as she has campaigned over the last couple of months sharing her ideas, values and experience and I know she is the right person for the job on the Lake Oswego School Board, Position 5.

Her experience working with schools goes beyond the scope of her own school, as she has been instrumental on district committees for years. Most recently Audrey has been working to help solve the consolidation problems facing our district and ease kids and parents alike into the transition and change that is coming.

Audrey has much to offer our district not only with her experience but with her open-minded approach to problem solving and her commitment to serve the people who elect her.

Please read about Audrey Monroe on her website and see for yourselves why she is the right person for the job. Join me in voting for Audrey to see the success of our schools.

Stephanie Barton

Lake Oswego

Barman is dedicated to kids

To the Editor:

I strongly support Bob Barman for school board because Bob has always put the interest of our students first.

Bob co-chaired a committee that worked tirelessly to change a 37-year-old city policy. Lake Oswego High School and Lakeridge High School now get to utilize all fields at all times. I am fortunate to coach at Lakeridge a second time and to have the support of people like Bob.

It has been shared with me many times how it was electrifying for the entire community when our Pacers ran on the field that evening for the first game. Our players, families and community will never forget the roar of the crowd as we entered the field. The sense of pride that enveloped the entire Pacer community, especially the former alums that traveled from around the country to enjoy that first game, will never be forgotten.

That is just one example of Bob's dedication to our kids and schools. Please join me in supporting Bob Barman for school board.

Tom Smythe

Head Football Coach

Lakeridge High School

Smythe is a resident of West Linn

Monroe looks from all angles

To the Editor:

This school board election is not just about who is best qualified to pencil us through our current financial crisis.

Our school board will also need to address other critical questions - What kind of leader do we need for 2012 and beyond? How do we get seriously engaged in Salem to make a difference? Will we remain the best public school district in the state or do we morph into a public/private entity like our neighbors in Riverdale? These are just a few.

We are voting for Audrey Monroe for school board position 5 because we believe she has the best combination of attributes needed in a school board member: In-depth knowledge of the district, hands on experience and leadership in the classroom, in her school, at the district and in the community. We are confident her thoughtful, 'look at things from all angles' attitude will translate into new ideas and vision for our board.

Pat and Sandy Intraversato

Lake Oswego

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